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17 Bars in the Old Town fight for the best Cod Pintxo

Mairenis Gomez

April 14, 2024 | 12:00 p.m.

Gastronomic competition intensifies to dethrone the current champion, Bar Egurre

From the vantage point of my experience, there is no better example of Bilbao's identity than the annual competition for the best cod pintxo, an event that encapsulates the passion of the city for gastronomy and his culture. This year, from April 12 to 17, the Casco Viejo dresses up to host the eighth edition of the Pintxos Contest of cod, organized by the Zazpikaleak Association. It is a show where culinary tradition meets innovation, and each bar contributes its unique interpretation of this classic ingredient.

A tradition that is renewed with each edition

The event is not only a competition, but also a celebration of community and local rebirth following sporting achievements such as Athletic's recent victory. Each establishment, from the veteran Bar Egurre, current holder of the winner's txapela, to new entrants, It strives to combine traditional flavors with avant-garde techniques to impress both the specialized jury and the general public. Last year, the Sorginzulo bar stood out with a creative pintxo of puffed bread stuffed with cod, showing that innovation has a prominent place alongside traditional methods.

The public plays a crucial role in the decision

The interaction between the chefs and their diners is essential in this competition. Visitors have the opportunity to vote for their favorite pintxos, considering aspects such as taste, presentation and overall impression. In addition, by participating in the voting, diners can win a dinner for two, which adds an extra attraction to the event. This voting method ensures that the competition maintains a spirit of inclusion and gastronomic democracy, truly reflecting the tastes of the Bilbao public.

Promoting tourism and interest in the Casco Viejo as a culinary destination.

Impact beyond the competition

Beyond the fight for the best culinary creation, the contest is a showcase for local businesses, promoting tourism and interest in the Old Town as a culinary destination. In a world that increasingly values ​​authentic experiences, events like this highlight the importance of preserving and promoting local traditions while embracing new ideas and flavors. Therefore, more than a simple competition, the cod pintxos competition becomes an emblematic event that celebrates the rich cultural tapestry of Bilbao.

This year, the atmosphere is especially expectant, and not just to see if Bar Egurre will retain its title. The real expectation revolves around how each participant will manage to captivate both judges and the public, innovating around one of the most emblematic ingredients of our gastronomy. Thus, while the bars prepare and the city anticipates, the Old Town becomes, once again, the setting for a fascinating story that I am here to tell.

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