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3 neighborhoods and 6 schools in Bilbao with the most vulnerable children

Jesus Carames

April 1, 2023 | 11:54 a.m.

The Department of Education has identified a high vulnerability index in six schools in the neighborhoods of Rekalde, Ametzola and Iralabarri in Bilbao

According to the data collected among 2-year-old students enrolled for the 2023-2024 academic year, 34,35% of vulnerable students are registered in these neighborhoods, a figure considerably higher than the 4,4% detected in four educational centers in Hondarribia , the lowest rate in the Basque Country.

Fight against school segregation: the «vulnerability index»

To counteract school segregation, the Minister of Education Jokin Bildarratz defends the implementation of the so-called "vulnerability index" in the enrollment process of the 12.268 2-year-old children who will begin attending schools and ikastolas in September 2023.

This index is based on five variables that influence the academic performance of students: work (18%), economic and cultural assets of the family (18,6%), books at home (19,3%), possessions of the family (20,3%) and studies and training of parents (23,7%). With this information, the Department of Education establishes school zones which include educational centers financed with public funds, both public and concerted, and obliges all centers to have the same number of 'vulnerable' students.

Bildarratz stands up to the criticism of the ikastolas

The councilor Jokin Bildarratz has responded to the criticisms made by the federation of ikastolas, assuring that "The bets and the órdagos do not help families". Bildarratz has asked for peace of mind and has recalled that the enrollment process corresponds to the Department of Education and not to the educational centers.

The counselor has also pointed out that the regulations establish that all centers financed with public funds, including concerted ikastolas, must be equally responsible for fight school segregation.

The challenge of achieving balanced schooling

The discrepancies between the Department of Education and the federation of ikastolas arise from the accusations that Education does not establish the same "rules of the game" for all centers in relation to the obligation to reserve places for vulnerable students.

Bildarratz has settled any doubts about the possibility that the ikastolas enroll students assigned to other centers and has asked that don't confuse families, since the enrollment process corresponds to the Department of Education and not to the educational centers.

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