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Accommodation in Bilbao shoots up to €1.000 per night during the Women's Champions League final

Accommodation in Bilbao skyrockets, almost 1.000 euros per night during the women's Champions League final

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 24, 2024 | 12:00 p.m.

95% of the places on Booking are occupied and prices have skyrocketed in recent weeks

La women's champions final which will be held this weekend in Bilbao It has become a real gold mine for the capital of Biscay. The confrontation between Olympique de Lyon and Barça has generated great interest, and demand for accommodation has skyrocketed. Sleeping in Bilbao during this event can cost almost 1.000 euros per night.

El 95% of the places in Booking are occupied, and prices have increased significantly in recent weeks since the finalist teams were known. La presence of Barça in the final, with the massive support of its followers, along with the ease of movement for fans of both teams, has contributed to creating a festive and sporting atmosphere in Bilbao.

This increase in demand has led to a massive reservation of hotel places, making it almost impossible to find private accommodation for less than 400 euros for two nights. Besides, Many hotels in the capital of Biscay already had signed agreements with UEFA sponsoring companies for months, which has further limited availability.

Accommodation in Bilbao skyrockets, almost 1.000 euros per night during the women's Champions League final

High prices in 4 and 5 star hotels in Bilbao during the weekend of the Women's Champions League final

El The price of the only room available on Booking.com at the Carlton hotel in Bilbao during the final weekend is 780 euros for two adults. Sleeping on Friday and Saturday nights at the Radisson, another five-star hotel, costs 1.299 euros.

The price range to stay in a four-star hotel in Bilbao is wider. The most expensive option is the NH Collection Villa in Bilbao, with a cost of 995 euros for the weekend. The cheapest alternative is the Hotel Gran Bilbao, with a price of 500 euros for the weekend.

Other hotels that also cost around a thousand euros on the weekend are the Hotel Ercilla, the Vincci Consulado, the Occidental Bilbao, the Barceló Bilbao Nervión and the Hotel Tayko. These prices reflect the very high demand and the opportunity that this sporting event represents for the Bilbao hotel sector.

Economic impact of the women's Champions League final in Bilbao: an unexpected benefit for the local hospitality industry

The Women's Champions League final has not only generated great interest among football fans, but has also had a significant economic impact on the city of Bilbao. Hotels have taken advantage of the opportunity to increase their rates, and many establishments have closed the sign.

High accommodation prices not only benefit large hotels, but also other types of accommodation such as tourist apartments and guest houses, which have seen a large influx of bookings. High hotel occupancy also translates into benefits for other sectors such as restaurants, commerce and tourist services.

The celebration of final of the women's Champions League in Bilbao has proven to be an economic driver for the city, attracting thousands of visitors and generating additional income for various local businesses. This event has highlighted Bilbao's capacity to host major sporting and cultural events, and the importance of these for the revitalization of the local economy.

La final of the women's Champions League has turned Bilbao into the epicenter of European women's football this weekend. Accommodation prices have reached record figures, reflecting the great demand and interest generated by this event. The city is preparing to receive thousands of fans, offering a unique experience both in terms of sports and tourism.

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