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Araceli Tamayo is already traveling to Bilbao from Kabul

Araceli Tamayo is already traveling to Bilbao from Kabul

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 22, 2024 | 11:30 a.m.

The worsening health of the woman from Bilbao injured in Afghanistan forces her urgent transfer to Euskadi

El health status of Araceli Tamayo, the woman from Bilbao who was seriously injured in an attack in Afghanistan, has worsened, which has led to acceleration his transfer to Euskadi. Your private insurance is taking care of all the necessary procedures for repatriation. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares, has confirmed that Araceli has already left Afghanistan and is on a special flight back to Bilbao.

According to flight plan to which we have had access, the plane in which Araceli is traveling will land at the Loiu airfield today at 18:39 p.m.. The private insurance medical team has evaluated that Araceli can travel and is will be in charge of your assistance throughout the journey. Once in Euskadi, she will be admitted to a hospital appropriate for her situation.

El flight has taken off from Kabul, making a refueling stop at the Turkish Samsun airport before continuing to Bilbao. This operation has been carefully coordinated to guarantee Araceli's safety and well-being during the transfer.

Araceli Tamayo is already traveling to Bilbao from Kabul

Araceli Tamayo was the victim of an attack in Afghanistan last Friday

The attack, the first against foreign tourists since the Taliban took power in 2021, was claimed by the Islamic State. Three Catalan tourists died in this attack: a woman and her daughter, both pharmacy owners, and a retired engineer from Girona. Araceli Tamayo, who worked at Kutxabank before retiring, was seriously injured.

Initially, the authorities reported that Araceli was conscious and was progressing favorably in serious condition. The president of Kutxabank, Anton Arriola, said that Araceli was “well and in good spirits.”. However, on Tuesday his health deteriorated, which led to the acceleration of the procedures for his transfer to Spain.

The repatriation of Araceli Tamayo has been possible thanks to the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and her private insurance

El Minister José Manuel Albares has publicly thanked the consular emergency service and the diplomats deployed to Afghanistan for their tireless work to facilitate the repatriation. This joint effort has allowed Araceli to return to her home to receive the necessary medical care.

La situation of Araceli Tamayo is a reminder of the dangers that tourists and foreign workers face in conflict zones. The repatriation of citizens in emergency situations is a complex task that requires the collaboration of multiple actors and the mobilization of significant resources.

This event also highlights the importance of having private insurance that can offer quick and effective assistance in emergency cases. Responsiveness and adequate medical care during transport are crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of those affected.

El Araceli Tamayo's return to Bilbao is an example of the coordination and effort necessary to face crisis situations abroad. As you arrive in Euskadi, you are expected to receive the specialized medical care you need for your recovery. The community of Bizkaia hopes for his speedy improvement and closely follows the development of his state of health.

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