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Arrest in Bilbao for hiding marijuana in an appliance

marijuana appliance

Mairenis Gomez

February 13, 2024 | 10:00 a.m.

Marijuana network dismantled with ingenious hiding place

In a meticulous operation, the Bilbao Municipal Police have once again put an end to the activities of a well-known drug dealer in the San Francisco neighborhood. Last Thursday, a 44-year-old man was arrested in his own home, a place already known to authorities for similar activities carried out the previous year. The arrest occurred after the discovery of 40 doses of marijuana, cleverly hidden in a kitchen appliance. Thus marking a new chapter in the fight against drug trafficking in the city.

Detainee's background: criminal history and criminal activity

The detainee is not a stranger to law enforcement; He had already been arrested early last year for drug-related crimes. The investigation revealed a trafficking network that operated both in public spaces and from the privacy of his home in San Francisco. During that first arrest, not only 100 doses of marijuana prepared for sale but also material for its packaging were found, as well as a sum close to 53.000 euros. Evidence of lucrative illegal profits.

Second investigation and arrest

The persistence in his illicit activities led the authorities to keep a critical eye on this individual. Neighborhood complaints about suspicious movements and the continuous coming and going of people were the trigger for a second investigation. Begun at the end of December, this operation culminated in the arrest of the trafficker, demonstrating the effectiveness and determination of the Bilbao police in their fight against drug trafficking.

Collaboration of the canine unit: crucial role in capturing the suspect

Likewise, the capture of the suspect was possible thanks to the collaboration of the Canine Unit of the Tactical Reinforcement Inspection. Whose dogs specialized in detecting narcotics played a crucial role. The meticulous search resulted in the discovery of hidden marijuana. A discovery that highlights the cunning of traffickers and the need for advanced techniques in the fight against drug trafficking.

Commitment of the authorities and message to the community

This new arrest not only reaffirms the authorities' commitment to the safety and well-being of the citizens of Bilbao but also sends a clear message to those involved in drug trafficking. The community of Bilbao and the province of Bizkaia can feel safer knowing that there is a constant and effective effort to eradicate this type of illicit activities from their streets.

marijuana appliance
An event has once again shaken the streets of the emblematic neighborhood of San Francisco

Joining forces for a safe and drug-free Bilbao

In addition, citizen collaboration, evidenced by the neighborhood complaints that led to the investigation. It is a vital component in the detection and dismantling of trafficking networks. This case highlights the importance of community policing and the rapid response of authorities to crime.

Without a doubt, the fight against drug trafficking in Bilbao is a continuous effort that requires the cooperation of all sectors of society. The arrest of this trafficker with 40 doses of marijuana hidden in an appliance. It is not only a victory for the police but also for citizens, who deserve to live in a safe environment free from the destructive influence of drugs. With each successful operation, Bilbao demonstrates its resilience and determination to remain a safe and welcoming city for all.

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