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Attack in the center of Bilbao ends with a man arrested for injuries with a knife

Attack in the center of Bilbao ends with a man arrested for injuries with a knife

Jeickson Sulbaran

March 18, 2024 | 2:50 p.m.

A night of altercation in Bilbao leaves two injured by stab weapons and one arrested; the community comes together in search of answers and security.

The night in the heart of Bilbao has left us once again in suspense, after an event that has altered the usual calm of this beloved city, A 37-year-old man is under investigation after being detained by the Ertzaintza, accused of an alleged crime of assault with a knife. This incident, which took place near a well-known entertainment venue, has highlighted the vulnerability we face on our own streets, even during the most festive hours.

The rapid police intervention minimizes the impact of a violent nighttime attack in Bilbao.

The events took place in the early morning, when, after a fight, the detainee attacked two people with a knife. These victims, in a desperate attempt to save themselves, had to be evacuated to the Basurto Hospital. According to the first investigations, it all started with an argument that escalated quickly, leading the aggressor to use a sharp object. After the attack, the perpetrator tried to flee the scene, but his freedom was short-lived. The Ertzaintza managed to arrest him in the surroundings of the scene, thus demonstrating the effectiveness and speed of our security forces.

A violent fight in Bilbao leaves two injured by stab weapons and a man detained, sparking concern about nighttime security.

Additionally, this event highlights the need for closer cooperation between leisure venues, local police and the wider community. An open and ongoing dialogue is essential to proactively identify and address security concerns before they become serious problems. It is also crucial to promote education and awareness about the risks associated with the use of alcohol and other substances, as well as promote the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

The work of the Ertzaintza, which has acted with diligence and professionalism in the face of the aggression in Bilbao, deserves our recognition. However, this incident also reminds us that security is a shared responsibility. As members of this community, we must be alert, be supportive and contribute, each one from our place, to the construction of a safer Bilbao for everyone.

The aggression in the center of Bilbao is a call to action. It forces us to look beyond the isolated incident and consider the measures we can take as a society to prevent violence. Security in our city depends on the joint efforts of all its inhabitants. By working together, we can hope to not only resolve, but prevent future conflicts, thus guaranteeing the well-being and tranquility of our beloved Bilbao.

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