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Ayuso announces bomb visit on May 20 in Bilbao

Jesus Carames

May 6, 2023 | 12:00 p.m.

The Madrid president will face escraches and demonstrations by pensioners and retirees during her scheduled visit on May 20

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Community of Madrid, has scheduled a visit to Bilbao next May 20, in the middle of the electoral campaign. This visit is expected to be controversial, since in his last visits outside Madrid, Ayuso has been received with escraches and a "hard act" is expected.

Demonstrations in protest of residence policies

Pensioners and retirees have announced that they will manifest during Ayuso's visit to protest his residence policies and in solidarity with his Madrid counterparts. The actions of the Madrid president regarding the management of residences during the pandemic have generated criticism and controversy, both locally and nationally.

Political reactions to Ayuso's visit

Ayuso's visit to Bilbao has also provoked reactions in the political sphere. Various Basque political parties and leaders have expressed their concern by the presence of the Madrid president in the city and have criticized her policies regarding residences and her management of the pandemic.

The debate on the management of residences

The situation in residences during the pandemic has been a topic of great debate in Spain. Criticism of the management of the residences by Ayuso and his government team have been the subject of controversy both in the Community of Madrid and in the rest of the country.

Security measures during the visit

Given the forecast of a "tough act" and the announced protests, it is expected that the security measures during Ayuso's visit to Bilbao. The local and regional authorities work in coordination to guarantee the order and safety of all those attending the scheduled events.

Expectations before the visit of Ayuso

Despite the tensions and the announced protests, the visit of Isabel Díaz Ayuso to Bilbao is also seen as an opportunity to debate y dialogue between the Madrid president and the Basque authorities. It is expected that this visit will address issues of interest for both communities, as well as for the whole of Spain and not just an act of cockiness that the president of the Community of Madrid has accustomed us to in her fiefdom.

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