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Barakaldo and Cruces stars of line 2 of the Bilbao metro

Bilbao Barakaldo Cruces metro

Mairenis Gomez

February 9, 2024 | 9:30 a.m.

Undisputed leaders of line 2

Line 2 of the Bilbao metro stands out as the most used, with Barakaldo and Cruces as its main stations. Since opening in 2022, this stretch has grown in popularity, capturing 41% of trips, according to recent data. The suburban, as a whole, has reached a historical record by exceeding 92,3 million trips in 2023. Thus marking a milestone in its trajectory.

Impressive records and figures

In 2023, Metro Bilbao reached a historic figure by exceeding 92,3 million trips, thus marking an important milestone and demonstrating a solid recovery after the challenges posed by the pandemic. This record represents an increase of almost 1% compared to the previous peak recorded in 2019, which stood at 91,5 million trips.

The resurgence of the Bilbao metro

2022 was considered the year of recovery, but it was in 2023 when Metro Bilbao experienced true takeoff. With the return to normality and the gradual elimination of restrictions, 92.380.889 validations were registered in total. With clear growth towards the end of the year, especially in the months of November and December.

Bilbao Barakaldo Cruces metro
The year 2023 marked a milestone in the history of Metro Bilbao by registering a historical record of 92,3 million trips

Changing habits and preferences of travelers

The recovery of transport habits, both for work and leisure reasons, has driven the increase in trips in Metro Bilbao. Winter weekdays have seen the best daily records, with an average of 299.583 trips, and a significant rebound in the time slot from 14:00 p.m. to 15:00 p.m.

Special services and environmental commitment

In addition, The Bilbao metro has responded to the demands of the community with the implementation of numerous special services throughout 2023, adapting its offer to social, cultural and sporting events. In fact, its commitment to the environment has strengthened. Contributing to removing more than 71 million cars from the roads and avoiding the emission of 80.000 tons of CO2.

User opinion

For its part, Customer evaluation is fundamental for Metro Bilbao, and in 2023 it has obtained an average score of 8 out of 10. Aspects such as the cleanliness of stations, speed, accessibility and respect for the use of Spanish and Basque have been especially valued by users, highlighting the general satisfaction with the service.

Undoubtedly, with these results and a clear preference for line 2, of the Bilbao metro with Barakaldo and Cruces as its main stations It is established as the most used public means of transport in Bizkaia, demonstrating its importance as a fundamental pillar in the mobility of the region.

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