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Bilbao Airport renews its commercial offer

Bilbao Airport renews its commercial offer

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 15, 2024 | 8:36 p.m.

In the dynamic world of airports, change is constant and necessary. Bilbao airport, an important communications link in northern Spain, is no exception. With the recent award of the 'duty free' stores and restaurant spaces to Lagardère, A new era begins in your commercial area. This change not only reflects the evolution in travelers' needs and tastes, but also underlines the importance of offering a unique and representative experience of the region.

Lagardère, a new vision for airport commerce

Bilbao Airport renews its commercial offer

Lagardère, the French multinational that has taken the reins of the commercial offer at Bilbao airport, brings with it a renewing vision. This change means more than just a remodel of stores and restaurants; represents an opportunity to integrate local and international brands, creating a balance between the global and the local. This strategy will not only attract travelers from around the world, but will also give local residents a reason to rediscover their airport.

Lagardère's proposal seems to be aligned with current trends in the management of commercial spaces in airports. The combination of internationally recognized brands with local brands not only adds diversity to the offer, but also promotes the cultural identity of the region. This mix can be especially attractive to travelers looking for authentic experiences while traveling.

The end of one era and the beginning of another

Lagardère's arrival at Bilbao airport marks the end of Dufry's era as the main manager of the commercial area. This change is significant, as Dufry had maintained a dominant presence at the airport for many years. Aena's new tender, which has given way to this change, is a clear indication of the constant search for improvement and adaptation to the new realities of the market.

The competition in the Aena tender reflects the growing interest in the management of commercial spaces in airports. The decision to award the lot in Northern Spain to Lagardère opens a range of possibilities for the region. With this renovation, Bilbao airport will not only improve its commercial offering, but will also position itself as a more attractive destination for travelers, both national and international.

The renewal of the commercial offer in the Bilbao airport is a clear example of the evolution and adaptation to the current times. With Lagardère at the helm, the airport will not only improve its aesthetics and commercial offering, but will also become a more inclusive and representative space of the cultural and commercial wealth of the region. Travelers and local citizens can look forward to the changes to come, which promise to enrich their experience in one of the most important hubs in northern Spain.

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