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Bilbao beach takes shape

Jesus Carames

June 21, 2024 | 9:22 a.m.

Bilbao is about to transform its urban landscape with an ambitious project that promises to revitalize the estuary and create a river beach in Zorrozaurre. This plan, unprecedented in Spain, seeks to integrate a beach recreational space in the heart of the city, providing the city with a new attraction and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants.

An innovative urban plan

Bilbao City Council has put out to tender an urban plan that will serve as a guide for the development of the Nervión and Cadagua area. This pioneering project focuses on the creation of a river beach in the Punta Zorroza area, in Zorrozaurre. The initiative not only seeks to offer a new leisure space, but also to reactivate the estuary, making it a meeting and enjoyment place for all Bilbao residents.

This urban plan, the first of its kind in Spain, includes a series of studies and evaluations to ensure the viability of the project. Aspects such as water quality, bather safety and the integration of the new space into the urban environment will be evaluated. The goal is to create a sustainable and safe space, which can be enjoyed by both residents and visitors.

Benefits for the city

The creation of a river beach in Zorrozaurre will bring multiple benefits for Bilbao. Firstly, it will offer citizens a new recreational space where you can enjoy the sun and water without having to leave the city. This beach will become an ideal place for leisure and recreation, improving the quality of life of Bilbao residents.

In addition, the project to reactivate the estuary will contribute to the regeneration of the natural environment. The improvement of water quality and the recovery of biodiversity is expected in the area, which will have a positive impact on the environment. The new beach will also boost tourism, attracting visitors who want to enjoy a unique experience in the heart of the urban center.

The development of the Nervión and Cadagua surroundings will include green areas, sports spaces and walking areas, creating a multifunctional environment that will be a point of reference in the city. This project, in addition to its environmental and social impact, will boost the local economy, generating employment and boosting commerce in the area.

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