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Bilbao cancels contract with Bilbobus without paying a €20M deposit

Mairenis Gomez

April 26, 2024 | 9:00 a.m.

In a bold move, Bilbao terminates its contract with Bilbobus without additional costs

Today, el Bilbao City Hall has announced a drastic but necessary measure, the termination of his contract with Bilbobus. This decision, derived from a breach of contract by the company, has been taken without the council having to pay the imposing deposit of 20 million euros. This turn of events puts an end to an agreement that, signed in 2019 for a value of 500 million euros, was scheduled to last until 2029.

Context and repercussions of a crucial municipal decision

The announcement was made by Mayor Juan Mari Aburto during a municipal plenary session held this Thursday. The relationship between the City Council and Bilbobus has been tense, exacerbated by an indefinite strike started on April 9 by urban transport workers, who were demanding significant labor improvements. Despite the mayor's assertions about the justice of the current conditions, the strike has caused considerable chaos, not only in the operation of the service but also in the daily lives of thousands of Bilbao residents.

The debate intensifies: between politics and public need

Furthermore, the decision to terminate the contract has not been without controversy. During the plenary session, Ángel Rodrigo, councilor of the Popular Party, accused the municipal government of inaction and lack of capacity to handle the situation. On the other hand, the Councilor for Mobility, Nora Abete, defended the city council's actions, mentioning the continuous efforts to resolve the conflict and highlighting the sabotage suffered by Bilbobus vehicles, with a cost that exceeds 118.000 euros.

What's next for transport in Bilbao?

With the resolution of the contract with Bilbobus, the council is now faced with the task of establishing a transitional contract while a new tender is prepared. This process is not only crucial to restore normality in the transportation service, but also to restore citizens' confidence in its municipal management. Mayor Aburto stressed the government's involvement in finding solutions, a task that he describes as complex and challenging.

Bilbao terminates contract with Bilbobus without additional costs

Lessons in public management and contractual adaptability

Undoubtedly, The situation with Bilbobus is a clear example of the challenges that municipal administrations face when managing essential services.. It is also a reminder of the importance of vigilance and adaptability in public contracts, to ensure that not only the agreed terms are respected, but also that they are aligned with the expectations and needs of the community. As Bilbao navigates this complicated process, the resolution of the contract with Bilbobus marks a new chapter in urban transport management, one that we hope will be full of lessons learned and significant improvements.

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