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Bilbao celebrates the festival of the Virgin of Begoña

Jesus Carames

October 11, 2014 | 10:34 am

Dantzaris before the 'Amatxu'. / Photo: Agencies

Today, October 11, the feast of the Virgin of Begoña is celebrated., patron saint of Bizkaia. Throughout the day, thousands of people will come to the Basilica to visit the 'Amatxu' on her day. The people of Bilbao and Biscay who come to the vicinity of the temple will find themselves in the surroundings of the Begoña brothers, who have set up their information booths to attend to all who require it. At 19:15 the pilgrimage will start from the Plaza de Arriaga, with the presence of the Basque Government Spokesman and Minister of Justice, Josu Ercoreca, named Romero de Honor.

In addition, there are other types of activities throughout the day, such as those organized in the Casco Viejo, on the occasion of the 'Txiketero Eguna'. In the morning there will be floral offering at the foot of the niche in the stock exchange building, corner of Calle de la Pelota with Calle Santa María. The only point in Casco Viejo from where you can see the Basilica. In the afternoon at 20: 00 hours In the same place, the Salve of the txikiteros will be sung.

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