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Bilbao implements new signs for the Low Emissions Zone

Mairenis Gomez

June 12, 2024 | 4:30 pm

Bilbao has begun to implement new information signs in the city center as part of its initiative to establish a Low Emissions Zone (ZBE)

This Saturday, June 15, it comes into force the new ordinance that prevents the circulation of the most polluting vehicles in the center of Bilbao. This measure seeks to improve air quality and protect the health of citizens. From that date, a street signage campaign will be launched, with vertical and horizontal signage which will inform drivers before entering and leaving the Low Emission Zone (ZBE).

Control measures and sanctions of up to 200 euros

To guarantee compliance with regulations, 27 control cameras have been installed at strategic points. The fines for accessing the ZBE with non-permitted vehicles will be 200 euros, according to the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT). Vehicles classified as "heavy polluters" include those with label A, while B are considered polluting, although with less impact.

Nora Abete, councilor for mobility, explained that during the last two years analyzes and studies were carried out that showed that 14% of the vehicles circulating in the city are classified as A and do not have a label. These will be the most affected by the new regulations. The initial ban is expected to affect up to 14% of the circulating fleet, although there will be exceptions and moratoriums.

Expected effects on air quality

Abete has assured that the objective is to progressively improve Bilbao's air quality. The objectives set for 2020 will be effective based on the progressive reduction of these polluting vehicles. The entry into force of this regulation is an important step for the city, since a significant decrease in pollution levels is expected.

ZBE Office: 2.000 queries registered

Since the opening of the office dedicated to the Low Emissions Zone, around 2.000 consultations have been registered by telephone and in person. Most of the consultations were carried out by telephone and focused on clarifying whether or not a vehicle can enter the ZBE. Around 700 consultations were in person, showing high interest on the part of citizens in knowing the details of the new regulations.

Control measures and sanctions of up to 200 euros

Information campaign to guarantee understanding and compliance with regulations

In addition, the information campaign aims to describe the details of the application of the rule, the groups it affects, the exemptions, moratoriums and the resources available to citizens such as the office, the website and the app. Explanatory videos, digital infographics, information brochures and posters will be distributed. In addition, a special edition of InfoBilbao will be published and distributed throughout the city, to ensure that all residents are well informed.

In short, the entry into force of this new ordinance is a crucial step to improve air quality in Bilbao. Reducing the number of polluting vehicles will not only benefit the environment, but also the health of all city residents. The collaboration of citizens and their understanding of the new regulations will be essential to achieve the proposed objectives.

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