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Bilbao improves the security of the Wi-Fi connection

Bilbao WiFi+

Mairenis Gomez

February 20, 2024 | 7:30 p.m.

Bilbao leads innovation in cybersecurity with advanced WiFi+

In an era where digitalization has become a key part of our daily lives, online security emerges as an undisputed priority. Bilbao, aware of this reality, has taken a gigantic step towards the forefront in cybersecurity with the launch of Bilbao WiFi+, a revolutionary service aimed at strengthening the digital security of its citizens. This initiative places the town in a prominent place on the global map of technological innovation. Being the first public administration to offer a tool of this magnitude.

A free service that redefines network security

Aware of the risks lurking in the vast digital world, from phishing to ransomware attacks, Bilbao City Council has implemented a robust system that not only identifies and blocks cybersecurity threats in real time. But it also educates users about the dangers to which they are exposed. This completely free service requires prior registration, thus guaranteeing an additional layer of protection through user authentication.

A tool for everyone: Bilbao WiFi+ leads the way

What sets Bilbao WiFi+ apart from other public WiFi services is not only its proactive approach to digital security, but also its accessibility. By offering it voluntarily, the City Council ensures that each citizen can make an informed decision about their online security, without compromising the speed or quality of the connection. This flexibility demonstrates a deep understanding of the community's needs and concerns. Setting an important precedent in how public administrations can and should adapt to the digital age.

The future of cybersecurity begins in Bilbao

This project is not only a testament to Bilbao's commitment to the security and digital well-being of its citizens. But also a model to follow. By taking the initiative in cybersecurity. Bilbao not only improves the digital quality of life of its inhabitants, but also raises the standard for cities and countries around the world. The implementation of Bilbao WiFi+ is a clear example of how technology, used consciously and proactively, can be a powerful force for the common good.

Bilbao WiFi+
Bilbao becomes a pioneer in cybersecurity

A step towards a safer future

Undoubtedly, The introduction of Bilbao WiFi+ is a milestone in the history of municipal cybersecurity. Through this service, Bilbao establishes itself not only as a leader in technological innovation, but also as a firm protector of the privacy and security of its citizens. This project is proof that, with the right strategy and the necessary commitment, it is possible to create a safe and accessible digital space for everyone. With this initiative, Bilbao not only protects itself against today's digital threats. It also prepares for the challenges of tomorrow, ensuring a safer future for all its citizens.

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