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Bilbao is committed to the environment by renewing all its forest trails

Bilbao is committed to the environment by renewing all its forest trails

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 13, 2024 | 9:05 a.m.

An investment of 250.000 euros to repair more than 16 kilometers of roads

Bilbao City Council has begun the renovation of the city's forest trails, repairing more than 16 kilometers of trail, thus covering an area of ​​more than 64.000 square meters. This action represents more than half of the existing roads of this type in the capital of Biscay. With an investment of 250.000 euros, the project began in May and is expected to end in August.

The main objective of this intervention is improve the condition of the rolling surface of forest roads. Potholes and gullies will be eliminated, addressing erosion caused by the velocity of runoff water during heavy rainfall events. This process is essential in sections with steep slopes such as Artxanda, Monte Avril, Pagasarri and Arnotegi.

Bilbao is committed to the environment by renewing all its forest trails

Bilbao's forest trails not only facilitate access to the mountains for walkers and cyclists, but also contribute significantly to the conservation and maintenance of biodiversity. This project underlines the City Council's commitment to protecting the city's natural and landscape values.

Optimization of water circulation and reduction of maintenance

Another crucial objective is improve runoff water circulation. By facilitating the evacuation of water away from roads, the possibility of future damage and the need for constant repairs is reduced. The use of materials based on plant enzymes allows soil compaction without altering its composition or appearance, which ensures greater durability of forest roads.

Reducing the need for maintenance is the third objective of this intervention. The natural materials used, which do not alter the composition of the soil, will allow longer-lasting cohesion and compaction, reducing the frequency and need for future repairs.

Commitment to sustainability and the environment

This initiative is part of the Bilbao City Council's commitment to protection and conservation of local fauna and flora, as well as with the integration of the Landscape Factor in municipal planning. This commitment has been signed by all municipal groups, highlighting the importance of maintaining and enhancing the natural and landscape values ​​of the mountains of Bilbao.

The use of natural materials, based on plant enzymes, is an innovative measure that reflects the Bilbao's commitment to the environment and sustainability. By reducing the need for maintenance and effectively repairing forest trails, the city ensures the preservation of its natural resources and provides its citizens with an improved and accessible environment for outdoor activities.

The renovation of Bilbao's forest trails is a clear example of the city's commitment to the environment and sustainability. With a significant investment and the use of innovative materials, the conditions of these roads will be improved, benefiting both nature and the citizens who enjoy them.

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