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Bilbao is left clean after removing 34 tons of waste left by the Gabarra

Mairenis Gomez

April 14, 2024 | 7:09 a.m.

Bilbao gets rid of 34 tons of waste after the Athletic match

Bilbao has demonstrated its capacity for resilience and commitment to the environment, removing more than 34 tons of waste from its streets and estuary after significant celebrations. In a coordinated effort by the City Council and cleaning services, the city has risen to the challenge of keeping its public spaces clean and safe. after events that attract large crowds. The work carried out is a clear reflection of the ecological awareness that characterizes the people of Bilbao and their rulers.

Detailed breakdown of collected waste

Precise details about the amount and type of waste collected show the magnitude of the task, Not only were 34 tons of waste removed from the streets, but nearly 500 additional kilos of waste accumulated in the estuary were also cleaned. Data provided by the City Council indicates that the majority of this waste consists of bottles, cans, plastics and other packaging, with a specific breakdown revealing that 40% are bags, 30% miscellaneous packaging, 15% glass, 10% % glasses and 5% other types of waste.

This situation is not isolated and each event represents a similar challenge

For example, during St. Thomas' Day, the city collects up to 5 tons of waste in a single day, underscoring the importance of a well-organized cleaning strategy. The efficient response of the municipal cleaning service is not only vital for the image of Bilbao, but also for the health and well-being of its citizens and tourism, which is key to the local economy.

Not only were 34 tons of waste removed from the streets,

Beyond cleanliness, the value of management initiatives

The impact of these actions goes beyond simple cleaning. They contribute significantly to the preservation of the urban environment and the quality of life in the city. These cleaning initiatives are also a call to action for citizens and visitors, reminding them of the importance of keeping the environment clean and actively participating in waste management.

Undoubtedly, These practices not only reflect a local or specific effort, but are part of a broader policy of sustainability and respect for the environment. which is being implemented in Bilbao. These actions are essential to ensure that Bilbao not only remains clean, but is also an example of environmental management and community commitment. This type of comprehensive waste management is crucial to adapt to the growing needs of an urban population that values ​​both tradition and innovation in the management of its environment.

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