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Bilbao limits the circulation of polluting vehicles: new rules and schedules

Mairenis Gomez

June 17, 2024 | 3:30 pm

Bilbao has implemented a Low Emissions Zone (ZBE) in its central area, restricting access to the most polluting vehicles

Bilbao has taken a step forward in its commitment to the environment, by implementing the Low Emissions Zone (ZBE) in its urban area. This measure affects thousands of drivers, with the goal of reducing pollution and improve air quality.

Bilbao implements the first Low Emissions Zone in the BAC

Since June 15, Bilbao has restricted access to its central area to the most polluting vehicles. Gasoline vehicles registered before 2000 and diesel vehicles before 2006 can no longer circulate in Abando, Indautxu and Abandoibarra during weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 20:00 p.m. This restriction is applied in order to reduce the emission of harmful gases and promote a healthier environment for all inhabitants.

The first year will be an adaptation year, where only vehicles with an A label or those without the mandatory environmental label will have limited access. As time goes by, restrictions will increase. By 2025, vehicles with a B label will also be restricted, and by 2030 only cars with Eco or C labels will be able to circulate.. This represents a significant change in urban mobility, promoting the use of cleaner and more sustainable vehicles.

Exceptions and authorizations in the Bilbao Low Emissions Zone

Not all vehicles are subject to these restrictions. Residents in the area, hoteliers, merchants and people with reduced mobility will have certain exemptions. In addition, historic vehicles and those that prove they have purchased a non-polluting vehicle will be able to access until they receive the new car. These exceptions make the transition more bearable for those who depend on their vehicles for essential activities.

Access control to the ZBE will not require the physical presence of the tag on the vehicle, since a license plate reading system will be used. The environmental label, which can be obtained at the Post Office for five euros, is still necessary to identify authorized vehicles. This measure facilitates compliance with regulations and ensures that drivers comply with established requirements.

In addition, the ordinance has contemplated the possibility of having up to four authorized license plates per parking space. and has introduced invitations for people over 75 years of age. This demonstrates a consideration for the particular needs of certain groups of the population.

Impact and future of the Low Emissions Zone in Bilbao

The implementation of the ZBE in Bilbao not only seeks to improve air quality, but also to promote a change in the mobility culture. By reducing the presence of polluting vehicles in the city center, a significant improvement in public health and the environment is expected.. In addition, this measure encourages citizens to opt for more sustainable means of transport, such as bicycles, public transport and electric vehicles.

Bilbao has taken a step forward in its commitment to the environment, by implementing the Low Emissions Zone (ZBE) in its urban area.

The admitted allegations, both from political groups and citizen groups, reflect a participatory and adaptive process. 18 political allegations and 55 from social groups have been considered, which shows an effort to address the concerns of citizens and adjust the regulations for their benefit..

Without a doubt, the Bilbao Low Emissions Zone represents a firm commitment to the sustainability and well-being of its inhabitants. As restrictions expand and new control technologies are implemented, Bilbao is positioned as a pioneering city in the fight against pollution.

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