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Metro Bilbao extends night service for weekends and holidays until September

Mairenis Gomez

June 7, 2024 | 3:00 pm

This measure seeks to facilitate the mobility of citizens and tourists, allowing them to enjoy local festivities without worries about transportation.

Summer in Bizkaia It always brings with it an air of festivity and movement. With the arrival of the summer period, the municipalities of Biscay finalize the preparations for their festivities, with the purpose of livening up the streets and attracting the greatest possible number of visitors. Public transport plays a fundamental role in these events, since a large part of the trips are made using these means.

Metro Bilbao will offer night service during weekends and holidays

In turn, the Metro Bilbao has decided to offer a night service every Friday, Saturday and the eve of holidays until next September 30. This includes the nights of July 24 and 30, as well as August 14. This measure seeks to facilitate the mobility of citizens and visitors during the celebrations, allowing them to enjoy the festivities without worrying about returning home. The frequencies of this uninterrupted train service can be consulted in the "next trains" section of the Biscayan suburban website.

The crucial role of public transport in local festivals

The role of public transport in these events is crucial. During the holidays, it is common for the streets to be filled with people enjoying concerts, fairs and other cultural events. Using the subway facilitates access to these events and reduces traffic congestion., which contributes to a safer and more pleasant environment. In addition, the night subway service is an ecological option that helps reduce the carbon footprint, promoting a more sustainable celebration.

Euskotren also joins the night service

Not only Metro Bilbao has taken the initiative. Euskotren will also offer night service on metro line 3 in Bilbao. From Friday to Saturday, trains will run every 15 minutes between the Kukullaga-Etxebarri and Matiko stations, in both directions. This measure complements the service offered by Metro Bilbao and ensures that citizens have multiple options to travel during the festive nights.

This measure seeks to facilitate the mobility of citizens and tourists

Community impact and long-term benefits

The implementation of night service not only has an immediate impact on the comfort and safety of users, but also promotes greater use of public transportation in general. By offering reliable and convenient service, Metro Bilbao and Euskotren promote trust and regular use of their services. This can translate into long-term benefits, such as a reduction in private vehicle use and an improvement in air quality in the region.

In short, the offer of night service by Metro Bilbao and Euskotren during weekends and holidays until September 30 is a successful measure that responds to the mobility needs of the community during the festive period. Facilitating access to local celebrations not only enlivens the festivities, but also strengthens the use of public transportation, with all the benefits that this entails.. This initiative demonstrates a commitment to the safety, sustainability and well-being of the citizens and visitors of Bizkaia.

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