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Metro Bilbao expands services for the celebration of the barge: More trains and nighttime

Metro Bilbao prepares for the celebration of the barge with exceptional service

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 9, 2024 | 11:48 a.m.

Metro Bilbao has announced a plan to reinforce its usual service

In an unprecedented effort to facilitate citizen participation In one of the most emblematic events in Bizkaia, Metro Bilbao has announced a plan to reinforce its usual service. This plan is designed not only to manage the expected increase in passenger flow but also to guarantee the safety and comfort of all those who wish to be part of Athletic's title celebration. Metro Bilbao's strategy includes increases in train frequency, uninterrupted night services and specific recommendations for users, measures all aimed at ensuring efficient and safe transfer.

Metro Bilbao prepares for the celebration of the barge with exceptional service

The decision to expand Metro Bilbao services responds to the forecast of massive attendance at the scheduled events, which include the barge tour of the Bilbao estuary. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to gather on the banks of the estuary to witness this historic moment, in which the Athletic Club players They will celebrate with their fans. To this end, from the early hours of Thursday afternoon, Metro Bilbao will increase the frequency of its trains, offering departures every few minutes on its main lines, a logistical effort designed to facilitate access and mobility for the population.

Metro Bilbao urges foresight and respect for safety instructions

Among the recommendations issued by Metro Bilbao, the importance of planning trips in advance stands out, considering the expected increase in passenger volume. The entity emphasizes the convenience of having the Barik card recharged to avoid delays, and suggests the acquisition of a two-trip ticket for those who opt for the occasional ticket, as a measure to speed up return journeys. These indications not only seek to optimize travel times but also to avoid crowds that could compromise the well-being and safety of users.

In this context, a call is made for collaboration and respect for the instructions of Metro Bilbao staff. The provision of specific access closures, in the event of excessive crowding, it demonstrates the entity's commitment to safety. It is a preventive measure that, although it may seem restrictive, has the sole purpose of ensuring that the celebration passes without incident.

The expansion of Metro Bilbao services for the celebration of the barge is not only an example of its capacity to respond to large-scale events. It is also a reflection of the entity's commitment to its users and to the promotion of culture and sports in Bizkaia.. With careful planning and the joint effort of all those involved, this celebration is destined to be an example of coexistence and shared joy.

Preparations and tips for an unprecedented celebration

It is important that, as users, we take these recommendations into account and plan our trips. The efficiency and safety of the service depend both on the organization on the part of Metro Bilbao as well as our cooperation as citizens. By traveling early, keeping the Barik card topped up and opting for the two-trip ticket, we contribute to a positive experience for everyone.

Finally, this event is an opportunity to show the community spirit that characterizes Bizkaia. The barge celebration is more than a sporting event; It is a manifestation of our identity and tradition. Participating responsibly and safely is one way to honor this legacy.

Metro Bilbao is preparing for a historic event with an expanded service and specific recommendations for users. This joint effort between the entity and the citizens will guarantee a memorable and safe celebration for everyone.

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