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Bilbao metro line 3 and tram register record users

Bilbao metro line 3 and tram register record users

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 6, 2024 | 10:41 a.m.

La Metro Bilbao line 3 and the tram have marked a milestone in their history with record numbers of users, greatly exceeding expectations and demonstrating the effectiveness of transport policies in Bizkaia. This achievement is not only a reflection of the increase in demand for public transportation services, but also of the success of the strategies implemented to encourage their use. The 50% reduction in ticket prices has been a determining factor in this increase, encouraging citizens to opt for these more sustainable and efficient mobility options.

Sustained and strategic growth in public transport in Bizkaia

Since its inauguration, Line 3 of Metro Bilbao has been a fundamental pillar in the region's transportation system, connecting key areas and facilitating the daily movement of thousands of people. With almost six million passengers in the last year, this line has not only improved urban mobility, but has also contributed to the social and economic development of the area. He trolley car, for its part, has experienced even greater growth, consolidating itself as an essential means of transport in the heart of Bilbao.

This increase in the use of both services not only improves the quality of life of citizens, but also reflects a positive change in mentality towards more sustainable transport. Efficiency, comfort and accessibility are key aspects that have led these systems to become the preferred options for travelers.

Innovation and adaptation to contemporary challenges

Metro Bilbao line 3 and the tram reach record numbers of users

El Success of line 3 of Metro Bilbao and the tram is no coincidence. It responds to careful planning and the ability to adapt to the changing needs of the population. In a world where environmental and urban challenges are increasingly evident, the commitment to efficient and sustainable public transport is crucial. Euskotren has demonstrated its commitment to this goal, not only improving and expanding its services, but also offering attractive rates to encourage its use.

The combination of quality service, affordable rates and a well-planned network is the key behind the sustained growth of these transportation services. By overcoming current challenges, such as the need for greener and more accessible mobility, Euskotren is positioned as an example to follow in public transport management.

El record number of users on line 3 of Metro Bilbao and the tram It is a clear indication that when smart transportation policies are combined with effective implementation, the results can be extraordinary. This achievement not only benefits current users, but also lays the foundations for a more sustainable and connected future in Bizkaia.

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