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Bilbao municipal groups support the relocation of Sader and Profersa

Bilbao municipal groups support the relocation of Sader and Profersa

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 2, 2024 | 4:00 p.m.

The companies Sader and Profersa, after the demand of municipal groups and neighborhood platforms, They face the possibility of being relocated outside the urban center of Bilbao to mitigate environmental impacts and improve the quality of life of residents.

En Bilbao, a notable consensus between the political groups of the City Council and the citizen platforms has emerged with a common objective: to relocate the Sader and Profersa companies outside the urban heart of the city. This movement is based on environmental and public health concerns, underscoring the need to balance industrial development with community well-being.

This Thursday, the streets of Bilbao will be the scene of a demonstration organized by the Sader-Profersa Kanpora platform!, which integrates neighborhood and environmental defense associations. The starting point will be the FEVE level crossing in Zorrotza at 19.00:XNUMX p.m., culminating in Plaza Azoka. This public event not only seeks to influence local politics but also to raise awareness among citizens about the risks of maintaining industrial operations near residential areas.

Bilbao municipal groups support the relocation of Sader and Profersa

Although the Municipal government recognizes the need for relocation, also clarifies that such a measure cannot be imposed abruptly, suggesting a more deliberative and consensual process. During a recent discussion on the Hoy por Hoy radio program, the councilors debated the problems derived from deficiencies in the measurement of pollutants, an issue that has become relevant after the recent incidents at the Profersa facilities in Zorroza, where a reaction during the manufacturing process generated a large column of steam, although, fortunately, without causing injuries or material damage.

The controversy is not limited to environmental issues; Facility security is also a crucial issue. In a few days, the citizen platform has collected more than 1.500 signatures to request the Basque Government not to renew the Integrated Environmental Authorization of both companies in their current location, arguing the proximity to the population and the management of hazardous waste in questionable facilities.

The dialogue between municipal authorities and neighborhood platforms suggests growing pressure to adopt definitive measures to ensure both industrial safety and the protection of employees' labor rights. The current situation requires a solution that satisfies both economic and social demands., promoting a safer and more sustainable environment for everyone.

Against this backdrop, the city of Bilbao is at a crucial moment in defining its industrial and urban future. The decisions made will not only impact the spatial configuration of the city but also its social and economic fabric. The challenge is to find a balance that allows Bilbao to continue its development without compromising the quality of life of its citizens or the natural environment that surrounds it.

El debate on the relocation of Sader and Profersa It is not just a local policy issue, but an example of how urban communities can manage the challenges of industrialization in a way that benefits both the economy and public well-being. The resolution of this situation will be an indication of Bilbao's ability to adapt to the demands of sustainable and responsible development.

This Thursday's demonstration will, without a doubt, be a decisive moment in this process, showing the power of community action in the formation of public policies. that respect the limits of industrial growth and the preservation of the quality of urban life.

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