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Bilbao prepares for the Athletic barge: Extensive security device and traffic cuts

Bilbao prepares for the barge Extensive security device and traffic cuts

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 10, 2024 | 10:30 a.m.

Bilbao dresses up this Thursday with the celebration of the Copa del Rey by Athletic Club de Bilbao

Marking the return of the barge after four decades. The city has deployed an unprecedented security operation, with more than 1200 people involved, before the expected congregation of more than a million people along the estuary. This event is not only a sporting milestone but also a logistical and security challenge that tests the organizational capacity of the Biscayan capital.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to cover numerous large-scale events, but rarely does a challenge as significant as the one facing Bilbao this Thursday arise. Athletic Club de Bilbao, a team with a rich history and a fervent fan base, is about to celebrate its victory in the Copa del Rey. This celebration, beyond sporting joy, is a social phenomenon that mobilizes the entire province of Bizkaia and requires meticulous preparation.

Since the presentation of the Security Master Plan, The level of detail and planning involved is evident. Inspired by previous security devices, like the deployment for the departure of the Tour de France from Bilbao, the authorities have designed a comprehensive operation. This plan covers everything from the control of circulation and access to certain areas to emergency management and the regulation of navigation in the estuary.

The impact on mobility and traffic is one of the most critical aspects of the day by Athletic Club

Traffic cuts and restrictions are expected from early in the day, affecting key areas such as Arenal, Ernesto Erkoreka and Circular squares, and the main arteries of the city. These measures not only seek to facilitate the passage of the barge and the subsequent bus procession but also to guarantee the safety of the thousands of people who will gather at the event.

Coordination between different security forces and emergency services is essential. The Ertzaintza, the local police, Osakidetza, the Red Cross and other groups will work together to cover all fronts, from medical assistance to incident prevention. The inclusion of boats, helicopters and drones in the security arrangement underlines the complexity and magnitude of the operation.

Another point to highlight is the attention to critical spaces and contingency along the barge's route. Identification of these points allows a quick response and effective in the event of any eventuality, minimizing the risks for attendees. This is an example of how experience and anticipation are key in managing massive events.

Bilbao prepares for the barge Extensive security device and traffic cuts

The call for citizen responsibility is another relevant aspect. Authorities have emphasized the importance of following safety instructions, avoid risky behavior and cooperate with operations at all times. This is a reminder that the success of the event depends not only on the planning and execution of the authorities but also on the attitude and behavior of each individual.

In short, the celebration of the Copa del Rey by Athletic Club de Bilbao it is much more than a sporting event; It is an event that demonstrates the capacity of Bilbao and throughout Bizkaia to organize and host large events efficiently and safely. The response to this challenge will reaffirm the community spirit and passion that characterize this land.

The involvement of all sectors of society is crucial for the celebration to be a success.

From public administration to citizens, everyone has a role to play. This Thursday, Bilbao will not only celebrate a sporting triumph but will also demonstrate its strength as a community, able to come together and collaborate in moments of great meaning.

This event is an opportunity for Bilbao to shine, showing the world its culture, its passion for sport and its ability to overcome challenges. As someone who has closely followed the pulse of the city and its most notable events, I have no doubt that this Thursday a new page will be written in the history of Bilbao, one that will speak of unity, pride and celebration.

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