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Bilbao promotes good practices for tourism

Jesus Carames

June 22, 2024 | 1:00 pm

Presentation of the good practices manual

In recent years, Bilbao has experienced a notable increase in the number of tourists, breaking visitation records. To ensure that this influx does not interfere with the daily lives of residents, the City Council launched this Friday the Manual of Good Practices for Guided Tours on Public Roads in Bilbao. This document includes twelve essential commitments designed to protect the city's tourism resources and public space, in addition to valuing and legitimizing all tourism agents who follow these guidelines.

Prepared in collaboration with various associations of tourist and incoming guides in Euskadi, such as ASOARTE, ATRAE, AEAVE Euskadi and Apit Euskadi, this manual seeks to harmonize and balance coexistence between tourists and citizens. "This manual of good practices is a first great step to take better care of Bilbao and serve our city as a quality, harmonized and balanced tourist destination," said Xabier Ochandiano, Councilor for Economic Development, Commerce, Tourism and Employment of the Bilbao City Council. .

Commitments for sustainable tourism

The twelve commitments of the manual are aimed at maintaining the balance between the daily life of Bilbao residents and the experience of visitors, preserving tourist resources and public space, and enhancing the professionalism of tour guides. "The problem in Bilbao is not the volume of tourism, our objective is for it to be quality, sustainable and balanced," added Ochandiano.

Among the commitments are the limitation of large groups, the promotion of schedules that do not interfere with local activities, and the use of designated spaces to avoid congestion in busy areas. In addition, respect for residents' privacy is encouraged and awareness of the importance of Bilbao's cultural and natural heritage is promoted.

This effort to regulate and improve tourism practices reflects the commitment of Bilbao City Council to the sustainable development of tourism, ensuring that the economic benefits do not compromise the quality of life of the inhabitants or deteriorate the attractions that make the city unique.

Collaboration for tourism in Bilbao

The preparation of the Good Practices Manual has been a joint effort between the City Council and the main associations of tourist and incoming guides in Euskadi. This collaboration has been essential to establish guidelines that truly respond to the needs of both tourists and residents.

Ochandiano has highlighted that these initiatives are crucial to position Bilbao as a tourist destination of excellence. The implementation of these good practices will allow the city to manage tourism more effectively, avoiding the problems that excess visitors can cause in other European cities.

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