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Bilbao promotes housing aid for energy efficiency and accessibility

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Maria Jose Gonzalez

November 15, 2023 | 9:30 a.m.

Bilbao City Council has taken a significant step in its commitment to sustainability and social inclusion. With an investment of more than 3 million euros, they have been implemented programs to improve energy efficiency and accessibility in homes, benefiting thousands of families in the city. This initiative not only reflects a concern for the environment, but also an effort to improve the quality of life of older people and those with reduced mobility.

Comprehensive Approach to Urban Regeneration

The Urban Regeneration Area initiative covers multiple urban aspects. This is a comprehensive strategy that includes not only urban rehabilitation, but also mobility, public space, economic reactivation, social cohesion, education, culture and employment.

Green Line Plan A+ 2023: Energy Efficiency in Buildings

With a budget of 363.000 euros, this plan is focused on improving the energy efficiency of buildings. Managed by the municipal company Surbisa, the program has benefited more than 3.300 families through 141 actions in all the districts of Bilbao. The improvements include rehabilitation works such as thermal insulation, replacement of boilers and modernization of facilities.

Helduak Plan for Seniors Renew 2023: Accessibility for Seniors

This program, with a budget of 150.000 euros, aims to improve the homes of elderly people and/or people with reduced mobility. Also managed by Surbisa, it has generated an investment of more than 500.000 euros, benefiting 168 families throughout the city. The aid has allowed important adaptations to be made to homes to improve accessibility and quality of life.

Positive Social and Environmental Impact

The Bilbao City Council's initiatives represent significant progress in urban sustainability and social inclusion. These actions demonstrate the city's commitment to creating livable environments that respect the environment and improve the lives of its citizens.

Rehabilitation and Social Cohesion

The commitment to rehabilitation and energy efficiency promotes social cohesion. The most disadvantaged neighborhoods benefit directly, improving not only their infrastructure but also the integration and well-being of their inhabitants.

Built Heritage: Safe and Sustainable

The focus on unique buildings ensures that Bilbao's heritage is safe, accessible and efficient. These measures guarantee that the homes not only meet quality standards, but also contribute to the care of the environment.


The investment of more than 3 million euros in Bilbao to improve energy efficiency and accessibility of homes is a clear example of how a city can lead in sustainability and social responsibility. These programs not only benefit thousands of families, but also establish a model to follow in sustainable urban development and social inclusion. Bilbao is thus positioned as a benchmark in urban innovation and commitment to the well-being of its citizens.


  1. How many families have benefited from these programs in Bilbao? In total, approximately 3.500 families have benefited from the Línea Verde A+ and Helduak Mayores Plan Renove programs in Bilbao.
  2. What improvements have been made to the buildings through the A+ Green Line Plan? The improvements include rehabilitation works for thermal insulation, the replacement of boilers, and the modernization of facilities to increase the energy efficiency of the buildings.
  3. How do these programs contribute to sustainability and social cohesion in Bilbao? These programs contribute to sustainability by improving energy efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint. Furthermore, by improving accessibility in housing, they promote social inclusion and cohesion in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods.

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