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Bilbao reinforces its security with more than 900 agents in the Municipal Police

Bilbao reinforces its security with more than 900 agents in the Municipal Police

Jeickson Sulbaran

December 16, 2023 | 7:38 a.m.

El Bilbao City Hall has reached a significant milestone in citizen security with the incorporation of 59 new agents to the Municipal Police, raising the total to more than 900 officers. This achievement responds to the commitment assumed in the 2018 Security Pact, signed by all political groups, to strengthen the police force. The diversity and preparation of the XXII class, made up of 17 women and 42 men with an average age of 30,81 years, reflect Bilbao's approach towards closer policing, dialogue and focused on prevention and mediation.

The new agents, selected through a unified process organized by Eudel and the Security Department of the Basque Government, stand out for their training and skills. He Mayor Juan Mari Aburto has emphasized that these agents represent "the present and the future" of an institution committed to proximity and conflict resolution. This strengthening of the Municipal Police It is a crucial step towards greater security and tranquility for the citizens of Bilbao.

Renewal and rejuvenation of the Bilbao Municipal Police

Since 2002, Bilbao has incorporated thirteen new promotions to its police force, rejuvenating the workforce with more than 600 career officers. This strategy has been essential to maintain the efficiency and response of the Municipal Police to contemporary security challenges. The continuous renewal and training of the police reflect the City Council's commitment to effective citizen security adapted to current needs.

The incorporation of new agents also responds to the measures stipulated in the Bilbao Security Pact. Among them, the increase in the workforce destined for Neighborhood Inspections and the development of an annual Public Employment Offer (OPE) stands out. These initiatives not only strengthen street safety, but also foster a closer relationship between police and the community.

Impact and expectations of the expansion

The scope of this expansion goes beyond numbers. Includes highly qualified agents, such as “the best agent in the entire promotion”, which is indicative of the quality and commitment of the Bilbao Municipal Police with excellence. The increased presence and competence of the police on the streets of Bilbao are a symbol of security and confidence for citizens.

In summary, the increase in the Bilbao Municipal Police staff to more than 900 officers is positive news for the city. It represents not only the fulfillment of an established objective, but also a step forward in the creation of a safe and protected environment for all the inhabitants of Bilbao. The city is moving towards a future where security, dialogue and prevention are the pillars of its municipal police.

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