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Bilbao residents defeat Iberdrola

Bilbao residents defeat Iberdrola

Jeickson Sulbaran

December 27, 2023 | 7:05 pm

In a court showdown that has captured the attention of consumers and businesses alike, A community of Bilbao residents has achieved a significant victory against Iberdrola. Bill Supreme Court has supported the decision of the Provincial Court of Vizcaya, rejecting the appeal of the energy company and confirming that the Unilateral modifications in the conditions of the electricity supply contract were abusive. This case highlights the importance of transparency and respect for consumer rights in contractual practices.

The root of the conflict lies in a surreptitious modification made by Iberdrola in the electricity supply contract. The company introduced changes to the billing system in the routine invoice, charging according to the contracted power instead of the consumed power. This change, made without clear and explicit notification, was considered an abusive practice and contrary to good faith.

The Supreme Court ruling: A victory for consumers

El Supreme Court has underlined the importance of transparent communication in contractual modifications. It has been emphasized that an average, reasonably attentive consumer would not have to detect a change as significant as the variation in the billing system in a document as common and repetitive as an invoice. The court has declared that the way in which Iberdrola carried out the modification was misleading, by not highlighting the relevant information or warning consumers in advance about the possibility of being informed of contractual changes through the invoice.

In addition, The Supreme Court has indicated that the unilateral change made by Iberdrola eliminated a compensation established for consumers who consumed less than 85% of the contracted power, while maintaining penalties for excess consumption. This practice, according to the court, generated an imbalance in the contract and was contrary to the requirements of good faith.

Implications of the case and the future of contractual practices

This case sets an important precedent in protecting consumer rights from abusive business practices. It highlights the need for companies to be transparent in their communications and respect established contractual agreements. The Supreme Court decision sends a clear message to businesses about the importance of maintaining an equitable and fair relationship with their customers.

La victory of the Bilbao neighborhood community It is not only a legal triumph, but also an example of the ability of consumers to defend their rights against large corporations. This case could inspire other consumers to be more attentive to their contracts and demand transparency and fairness in their business relationships.

El ruling of the Supreme Court in favor of the community of residents of Bilbao against Iberdrola marks a milestone in the fight for consumer rights. He demonstrates that transparency and respect for contractual agreements are fundamental in relationships between companies and clients. This case is not only a victory for the residents of Bilbao, but also a step forward in consumer protection in general.

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