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Bilbao stands out in tourism throughout Bizkaia

Many tourists visit the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao this Tuesday.

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 1, 2023 | 5:00 pm

Bilbao, the jewel of Bizkaia, has registered a significant increase in overnight stays and influx tour during the summer of 2023. Without a doubt, the capital of Biscay is assuming a leading role in tourism in the Basque Country, consolidating itself as one of the most attractive destinations in Spain and Europe.

Sustained growth in figures

454.828 tourists between June and September, a figure that is 3,6% higher than the summer of the previous year. This not only represents a mere increase in visits, but a historical milestone for the city, even surpassing the record of 2002. At this rate, Bilbao is positioned as a favorite destination, not only for national tourism, but also for international tourism.

Overnight stays in Bilbao: a revealing indicator

Overnight stays, which reflect the time that tourists decide to spend in the city of Bilbao, rose to 916.198. This figure is 6,4% higher than that registered in 2022, which denotes that Bilbao not only attracts more visitors, but also manages to captivate them so that they stay longer.

A notable fact is that the growth in overnight stays in Bilbao they surpassed that of the Bizkaia team. This reveals the unique potential of the city and its ability to offer unforgettable experiences to those who visit it.

Leadership in Basque tourism

Bilbao concentrates the 67% of all visits in Bizkaia and represents 30,2% of the total in the Basque Country. These figures reinforce the idea that the city is not only growing in absolute terms, but is leading tourism in the region.

International tourism on the rise

Foreign visitors have grown significantly. Going from 234.156 in 2022 to 274.156 in 2023 toy, Bilbao has experienced an increase of 17,1%. France, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom stand out as the countries that send the most tourists, consolidating Bilbao as a top-level international destination.

However, it is not all growth. The visits of national tourists in hotels have decreased, although an increase has been observed in stays in tourist apartments. This indicates a possible trend towards the search for more flexible accommodation alternatives.

Hotel quality and tourist preferences

The profile of the tourist who visits Bilbao is demanding and seeks quality. The majority of visitors, both national and foreign, They opt for hotels with three or more stars. It is notable to mention that, despite the increase in hotel beds, with two new hotels and more than 10.000 beds available, occupancy remains at an average of 74%.

Profitability and sustainability

The average profitability per room has increased by 18,9%, reflecting tourism willing to pay for quality. This, added to an increase in the average stay, shows a clear trend towards higher quality and spending tourism.

El councilor Xabier Ochandiano emphasizes that the challenge is not only to grow in numbers, but to ensure that this growth is sustainable and respectful of citizens and the environment.


Bilbao is in a privileged position in the tourist panorama. With sustained growth, an increase in the quality of the offer and a clear vision towards sustainability, the city is ready to welcome visitors from all over the world and offer them unparalleled experiences. The challenge now is to maintain this growth, while guaranteeing the well-being of its citizens and the sustainability of its resources.

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