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Bilbao will once again become the epicenter of blues

Bilbao Blues Festival

Mairenis Gomez

February 15, 2024 | 9:37 a.m.

The third edition of the Bilbao Blues Festival promises to be the event of the year in the Villa

El summer heat in Bilbao It brings with it more than just pleasant temperatures; brings the rhythm and passion of the blues to the banks of the Nervión. This year, the third edition of the Bilbao Blues Festival is shaping up to be the most anticipated event for music lovers, consolidating not only as a tradition in the Villa, but as an international benchmark. From July 25 to 28, the heart of Bilbao will beat to the sound of blues, with a line-up that includes great legends of the genre and activities for the whole family, ensuring that blues is accessible to everyone and with free programming

A unique musical experience in Bilbao's Arenal

The location couldn't be more iconic, Bilbao's Arenal, an open-air stage that becomes the perfect meeting point for those looking to enjoy good music in an unbeatable environment. This year, the festival kicks off with a jam session near the Itsasmuseum, a prelude to what will be a four-day celebration full of rhythm and soul. Artists of the stature of Martha High & The Soul Cookers and the special 'Crossroads', dedicated to Texas, promise memorable performances, demonstrating that blues remains a universal language capable of uniting cultures and generations.

A dream poster for blues fans

The quality and diversity of this year's lineup underscore the festival's commitment to delivering top-notch musical experiences. Martha High, with her impressive career alongside James Brown, and the presence of notable figures of Texas blues such as Anson Funderburg, Mike Morgan and Shawn Pittman, They guarantee performances full of history and talent. These artists not only bring their music to Bilbao, but also life stories that are interwoven with the notes of each song, making the festival a space where the blues is experienced in the first person.

The Mississippi of Bilbao: a cultural connection

The choice of this year's poster, with a steamboat crossing the Bilbao estuary, is not coincidental. It is an invitation to see Bilbao as the European Mississippi, a place where blues flows with the same intensity and authenticity as in the Delta.. This approach, in addition to paying tribute to the genre, strengthens the cultural identity of Bilbao, linking its history and its present through music. The Moriskette studio, under the direction of Sergio Pérez Berasategi, has managed to capture this essence, creating an image that is already a symbol of pride and belonging for the people of Bilbao.

Bilbao Blues Festival
Bilbao's Arenal, an open-air setting that becomes the perfect meeting point

A party that transcends music

But the Bilbao Blues Festival is more than concerts. It is a celebration of the community, an opportunity for Bilbao residents and visitors of all ages to come together in a festive atmosphere that transcends music. From the pre-opening with the musical theater “Blues & Roots”, to the boogie-woogie classes and the parades, the festival becomes a meeting space, learning and fun. The response from the public, with thousands of people vibrating together in the Arenal, reflects the unifying power of the blues and its ability to create unforgettable moments.

Ultimately, The Bilbao Blues Festival is not just a musical event; It is a testimony of how culture can be an engine of change, union and celebration. This summer, Bilbao will not only be the capital of blues for a few days; It will be the stage where it will be remembered that music has the power to transform cities, connect hearts and transcend borders.

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