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Bilbobus and committee still have no agreement, the strike continues without a solution

Mairenis Gomez

June 6, 2024 | 3:00 pm

The company indicates that the last offer made is no longer viable and proposes a new offer that makes the previous one even worse.

The recent meeting between the Bilbobus works council and the management of the company has concluded without any agreement. Management has communicated that its previous offer is no longer feasible and has submitted a new proposal that significantly worsens current working conditions. This movement has generated great discontent among workers, who see this offer as a setback in their rights and working conditions.

Salary reduction and working hours conditions

Based on information from works council sources, The new offer proposes a salary reduction and conditions the working hours of 62% of workers to hypothetical hours that, in practice, are implausible. The growing casual hiring at Bilbobus shows the company's lack of will to eliminate job insecurity. In addition, it is intended to worsen the conditions of sick leave benefits by eliminating the payment of extra pay and modifying the calculation of holiday days, further harming the workforce.

On the other hand, the management urges the committee to present a new proposal that reduces the workers' claims, avoiding any responsibility in resolving the conflict. This approach has been met with skepticism and frustration from employees, who feel that the company is not interested in reaching a fair agreement.

The intervention of the City Council and the rejection of the reference to the CPI have added tension to the conflict

The City Council has intervened again in the conflict, indicating that reference to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is not possible. This mandate has further complicated negotiations, with the company using this intervention to justify its regressive stance. The lack of responsibility assumed by the company, shifting the blame to third parties, including the workers themselves, has intensified discontent.

Once again, the company has not assumed any responsibility, presenting an offer even more regressive than the previous one. This situation has made it clear that Bilbobus management is not willing to improve the working conditions of its staff, but rather to worsen them.

The new Bilbobus offer worsens working conditions

Uncertainty and unrest persist in Bilbobus due to the lack of labor solutions

The atmosphere in Bilbobus is one of uncertainty and discomfort. Workers feel unprotected and deceived, while the company continues without offering viable solutions that respect their rights. The intervention of the City Council has only added fuel to the fire, further complicating an already tense situation.

Ultimately, Bilbobus's new offer represents a clear setback in the working conditions of workers. The company's management has once again demonstrated its lack of commitment to the well-being of its staff, opting for regressive measures and transferring responsibilities to third parties. The current situation requires a change of attitude on the part of the company, which should focus on offering fair and viable solutions for its workers, instead of worsening their working conditions.

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