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Body found floating in Bilbao estuary

Maria Jose Gonzalez

May 26, 2024 | 7:06 p.m.

Last Saturday, in the calm waters of the Bilbao estuary, a discovery was made that shocked the city. A middle-aged man was found floating lifeless near the Ribera bridge. The news has generated a wave of concern and questions among the inhabitants of Bilbao, who are waiting for answers about this tragic event.

Civil Guard investigation to clarify the causes of death

The body was discovered by a passerby who was walking in the area and immediately notified the authorities. The Civil Guard, responsible for the investigation, has opened a file to clarify the circumstances that led to the death of this man. Until now, the precise details of how and why it ended up in the estuary are unknown.

The body was quickly transferred to the Forensic Anatomical Center in Bilbao, where an autopsy will be performed. The results of this forensic examination will be crucial in determining the causes of death and whether any type of crime was involved. The autopsy could reveal whether it was an accident, suicide or, in the worst case, homicide.

An event that alerts the Bilbao community and raises numerous questions

The discovery of a body in the estuary is an unusual and alarming event for the local community. Bilbao residents are accustomed to the serenity of their riverside walks, and an event of this nature breaks the usual tranquility of the area. This incident not only raises questions about security in the area, but also about the attention and surveillance given to public spaces.

In situations like this, it is essential that authorities work transparently and effectively to resolve the case. The Civil Guard has requested the collaboration of anyone who may have relevant information about the events prior to the discovery of the body. Additional testimony and evidence could be essential to complete the picture of what happened.

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