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Closure and renovation of Plaza del Ensanche in Bilbao

Plaza Ensanche Bilbao

Mairenis Gomez

February 14, 2024 | 7:29 p.m.

The beginning of a new era for the Plaza del Ensanche

From the heart of Bilbao We receive news that marks the beginning of a significant change for one of its most emblematic spaces, the Plaza del Ensanche. Starting this Monday, February 12, the area that many Bilbao residents have enjoyed for years is preparing for a transformation that promises to completely renew its image and functionality. The Bilbao City Council has announced the perimeter closure of the square, keeping access to the square accessible for the moment. underground parking, which will remain operational until April.

A careful transition towards progress

It's not just a closure; It is the prelude to a profound renovation that will embrace history and modernity. Preliminary work has already begun, including the transplant of trees to new locations in the city, transfers of such characteristic elements as the newsstand and the ONCE booth.. In addition to the removal of street furniture and the demolition of the existing pavement. This meticulous process reflects the city's commitment to caring for the environment and urban heritage. Ensuring that the legacy of the plaza continues in other forms and spaces.

Towards a green and accessible future

The vision for Plaza del Ensanche is ambitious and promising. In the next two and a half years, this space will not only change its image. But it will become a model of sustainable urbanism and accessibility. The creation of a pedestrian street and a new green area are clear examples of this commitment to a greener and more humane future. Furthermore, the inclusion of almost 200 underground car parks responds to the need to make the conservation of public space compatible with the demands of urban mobility. However, these car parks will not be available until autumn 2026, a reminder that real progress requires time and patience.

A commitment to the community and the future

What today may seem like a temporary nuisance for the citizens and visitors of Bilbao, is actually an investment in the future of the city. This renovation project will not only beautify the Plaza del Ensanche. But it will also improve the quality of life of its inhabitants., offering a friendlier, greener and more accessible space. The transformation of the square is a reflection of Bilbao's evolution towards a more sustainable, livable and respectful city with its environment.

Plaza Ensanche Bilbao
This closure marks the beginning of an ambitious project that promises to transform the square into a greener and more pedestrian area,

A bright future ahead

The renovation of the Plaza del Ensanche symbolizes the dynamism and capacity of Bilbao to reinvent itself, always maintaining a balance between tradition and innovation. As we follow the developments of this exciting project, we are reminded of the importance of planning and acting today to build the tomorrow we want. With each step towards its renovation, Plaza del Ensanche is not only preparing to be a new meeting point for Bilbao residents. But also a symbol of how caring for public space can positively transform a community.

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