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Exclusive Uber-type transport services for pets arrive in Bilbao

Exclusive Uber-type transport services for pets arrive in Bilbao

Jeickson Sulbaran

June 13, 2024 | 7:34 a.m.

Uber Pet: A comfortable and accessible solution for pet owners in Bilbao

Pet transportation in Bilbao becomes easier with the arrival of Uber Pet, a service specifically designed to facilitate the mobility of dogs and cats. With this new option, pet owners can ensure that their furry friends travel comfortably in company of their owners.

Traveling with pets in Bilbao has traditionally been a challenge due to restrictions on public transport. In Metro Bilbao, only dogs and cats weighing less than 8 kg are allowed, and they must be in a carrier. Bizkaibus and Bilbobus also impose the same weight and carrier restriction. As for taxis, not all of them accept pets, which forces owners to notify in advance to find one that does.. Given these limitations, Uber has developed Uber Pet, an option that promises to simplify the mobility of pets in the city.

Uber Pet allows users to choose this option when requesting a trip, ensuring that they can travel with their pet without problems. This service is available by reservation, which means that users must reserve at least 30 minutes in advance.. This functionality appears both in the list of products when entering the origin and destination in the application, and in the reservation section, providing greater convenience for pet owners.

A growing need according to statistics

According to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), 43% of households in Spain have a pet. In Bilbao, this figure translates into a large number of pet owners looking for more flexible and accessible transportation options. The implementation of Uber Pet in the city responds to this growing need, making the lives of pet owners easier and offering a practical solution for their daily trips.

Exclusive Uber-type transport services for pets arrive in Bilbao

Lola Vilas, director of Uber in the State, states that «With the expansion of Uber Pet, we reaffirm our commitment to adapt to the needs of users, while making life for pets in the city a little easier. This statement underlines the company's commitment to improving the mobility experience for both people and their pets, offering a service that adapts to the current demands of users.

On the arrival of Uber Pet to Bilbao represents a significant advance in urban mobility, allowing pet owners to travel with greater comfort and without restrictions. This service not only improves the quality of life for pets, but also offers owners a reliable and affordable option for their daily commute.

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