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Felipe VI's Falcon to travel 400 km to Bilbao is cool for the PP

The PP approves the trip of Felipe VI in Falcon to Bilbao

Jeickson Sulbaran

October 23, 2023 | 2:44 p.m.

With a political scene where each action is meticulously observed, the last trip of Felipe VI has been no exception. The decision of use the Falcon plane to cover the distance of 400 km to Bilbao has generated both subtle criticism and strident applause within political factions, notably within the Popular Party (PP).

A Gesture That Did Not Go Unnoticed

While royal family trips are usually carried out with a high degree of discretion regarding the means used, this occasion resonated differently. The use of the Falcon, a state resource, for a displacement considered by many to be minor, has highlighted the complexities of public spending and the image of the monarchy.

Political Reactions: Between Applause and Veiled Criticism

Curiously, the PP has shown a surprisingly positive stance. Traditionally advocates of fiscal austerity, The PP's support for this decision has disconcerted some, while others interpret it as a strategy to maintain a cordial relationship with the royal house, an element of national and symbolic unity in times of political and social uncertainty.

Contrary to previous episodes where the crown's expenditures were questioned, prominent PP figures have not only avoided criticism, but They have applauded the action of Felipe VI, considering it an exercise of their prerogative and a decision within their representative functions. This support could be interpreted as a position that seeks to reinforce institutional stability, although not free of political calculation.

Implications of Transparency and Fiscal Responsibility

Beyond the controversy, the event has revived the debate about transparency in the use of state resources. Citizens, still battling the economic consequences of the pandemic, is increasingly leaning towards total clarity regarding the country's fiscal functioning. This inclination not only encompasses expectations towards politicians, but also towards the royal house.

The Falcon episode highlights the need for a balance between the representative dignity of the monarchy and the austerity required in times of economic recovery. Likewise, it highlights the importance of perceptions, since, although Felipe VI's trip to Bilbao complies with regulations, the message he transmits can oscillate between ceremonial duty and excess in the current context.

Future Reflections: Monarchy and Fiscal Prudence

This seemingly simple event invites us to reflect on the role of the monarchy in the XNUMXst century. Fiscal prudence and empathy with the current economic scenario They are elements that must set the tone in the activities of all state representatives, including the crown.

In turn, the reactions of the PP and other parties to situations like this will be crucial to understanding and defining the type of relationship that contemporary politics wishes to maintain with the monarchy. Will it be one of unconditional support or one that is more critical and controlling?

Ultimately, the "Falcon affair" It will serve as a reminder that details matter and that fiscal responsibility must be a common banner, from the most humble citizen to the most representative figure of the Spanish State. Austerity must not only be preached, but practiced, to reflect solidarity and understanding of the situation that many Spaniards face daily.

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