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German group Numa plans to inaugurate tourist apartments in Anboto Dorrea

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 16, 2024 | 12:30 p.m.

A new opportunity emerges in Bilbao with the proposal of the Numa Group

The socket of Anboto tower, which includes the ground floor and two upper levels, is at the center of a bidding battle between several investors. The most notable proposal comes from the Numa Group, a German conglomerate backed by three funds important technological. This group seeks to lease the first two floors for a period of 25 years, converting them into tourist apartments high-end. The future apartments will feature advanced technology that will facilitate all operations for guests, representing a business model that maximizes efficiency and comfort.

The Numa Group and its proposal for high-tech tourist accommodation

The Numa Group is not only known for its robust financial backing, but also for its innovative management in the tourism sector. The proposal includes an initial investment estimated at 4,1 million euros by the cooperative that owns Anboto Dorrea. The idea is to transform the first two floors into high-end apartments, equipped with advanced technology to facilitate management and improve the user experience.

Furthermore, Numa's vision is clear, create a space that not only provides economic value through rentals, which are projected to exceed 814.000 euros annually, but also raise the profile of the building, attracting quality tourism and enhancing the attractiveness of Bilbao as a tourist destination.

The reaction of future owners and the competition for offers

However, this proposal has not been well received by everyone. Some future homeowners in Anboto Dorrea have expressed concern about the possible restriction of access to garages, vital for your comfort and quality of life. In addition, the governing council of the cooperative still has other offers on the table that could alter the course of this negotiation.

One of these offers comes from a large company listed on the Ibex 35, interested in installing its corporate offices in the same base of the tower. Another interested party is an investment fund that seeks to occupy not only the offices but also integrate tourist apartments and a small shopping center on the ground floor, which would add a layer of commercial complexity to the building.

Looking for a 25-year lease and a notable investment.

Crucial decisions at the last cooperative assembly

The mandate of the last assembly was clear, to negotiate with the Numa Group its landing in the tower, as long as a firm purchase offer for floors 1 and 2 does not appear beforehand, which should not be less than 7,22 million euros.

Without a doubt, as a citizen of Bilbao and a witness to the urban development of our city, I observe with interest how these types of operations can change the face of an area and, with it, influence the daily lives of its inhabitants. The final decision of the Anboto Dorrea governing council will not only determine the future of the building, but it could also set a precedent in how we manage and value our urban space in the context of increasingly demanding tourism and a globalized economy.

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