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How to manage invitations to access the Low Emissions Zone in Bilbao

Jesus Carames

June 16, 2024 | 4:20 pm

Information campaign for affected groups

Starting this Saturday, June 15, Bilbao will begin to display numerous signs that will inform drivers about the limits of the low emission zone (LEZ). However, the regulation to exclude the most polluting cars from the city center will come into force next Monday. The regulations will be applicable on weekdays, Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m. The Residents in the ZBE will be able to request their six monthly invitations for third parties through a aplicación móvil, which will be enabled in the coming days, or by telephone, after registering at the office or electronically.

During a press conference, Nora Abete, Councilor for Mobility and Sustainability, recalled that there is no need for a sticker that certifies the vehicle's environmental label, since the ZBE will be controlled by 27 cameras that will surround the perimeter of Indautxu and Abando. . In this way, she has insisted that as of this Saturday, vehicles with label A and without a label – it can be consulted on the website of the General Directorate of Traffic with the license plate – will be prohibited from accessing the ZBE. According to the mayor, they estimate that this first year they will remove “14% of the vehicles in circulation” from the center. As of June 15, 2025, this limitation will be extended to label B vehicles. The ultimate goal, looking to 2030, is to improve air quality and, with it, public health.

Invitations and specific accesses

Residents in the ZBE, as well as merchants and hoteliers, will be able to make 6 monthly invitations for third parties, expandable to 16 invitations in the case of those over 70 years of age. These invitations will be unlimited for hotel establishments, vehicle workshops, day centers or educational centers, which must request and manage them. It is noteworthy that all groups must register in advance at the information office at 7 Ripa Street or on the municipal website, where they will obtain a password and a username to access the application. The app will be enabled in the coming days and residents will also be able to manage their invitations by calling 946 445 412.

Likewise, those who want to access the ZBE punctually with vehicles A and B, whether to transport a person with reduced mobility, or go to a medical or veterinary consultation, must manage the justification for said access through the application. According to the ordinance, in these cases it will not be necessary to register previously or obtain the access code. Both invitations and these specific accesses can be managed up to 48 hours after the vehicles have entered the ZBE without incurring a penalty.

Information campaign for affected groups

In the coming days, Bilbao City Council will begin a powerful information campaign to describe all the details of the rule to the affected groups. In any case, the Councilor for Mobility and Sustainability recalled that those who fail to comply with the regulations will be incurring a traffic violation, which could entail a fine of 200 euros, as stipulated by the DGT. However, she has admitted that they still have important “pedagogical work” ahead to make all the variables of the regulation known. Thus, she has pointed out that since the launch of the information office at 7 Ripa Street, on May 13, an average of a thousand weekly requests have been received, most of them seeking clarification about some circumstance. particular.


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