April 17th 2024 | 5:44


How will the “Abando Taupadak” project transform the Abando station area in Bilbao?

Jesus Carames

February 15, 2024 | 1:53 p.m.

The “Abando Taupadak” project is the winner of the competition organized by the Bilbao City Council to redefine the urban future of the Abando area, once the sburying of the current beach of tracks and with the arrival of the High Speed ​​Train (TAV) to the city. This ambitious proposal seeks to profoundly transform the space, turning it into a great central park which is integrated within the historic vault of the train station, thus preserving its heritage value while adding a large green space to the urban fabric of Bilbao.

What are the key design elements of “Abando Taupadak”?

The design of “Abando Taupadak” includes several innovative elements that contribute to its uniqueness. First, José María Olabarri Square will be remodeled, creating an opening towards the new TAV station. The plan also calls for the construction of six blocks of buildings, whose heights vary to optimize sunlight within the area. Preserving the station's historic vault and creating pedestrian and vehicular access to the new infrastructure are highlights of the project, demonstrating a careful balance between modernization and historic preservation.

What impact will the project have on mobility and green space in the city?

The impact of “Abando Taupadak” in Bilbao will be significant in terms of mobility and green areas. The proposal not only improves connectivity through the integration of mobility services such as taxis and buses, but also promotes the use of bicycles by providing ample dedicated parking. The design of the central park, with its focus on vegetation and clear areas, seeks to create a green lung in the heart of the city, offering a space for recreation and relaxation for citizens and visitors. The integration of the park within the historic vault and its extension towards Hurtado de Amézaga Street underlines the project's commitment to creating accessible and attractive public spaces.

“Abando Taupadak” represents a step forward in the vision of Bilbao as a city that values ​​both its historical heritage and its sustainable development. Through this project, Abando will be transformed into a vibrant and green space, reinforcing the urban identity of Bilbao and improving the quality of life of its inhabitants. The winning proposal, selected for its ability to harmonize modern infrastructure with historical and natural elements, marks the beginning of a new era for the Abando area, projecting it as a model of urbanism and sustainability.

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