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Iberdrola guarantees the electricity supply during the elections to the European Parliament

Iberdrola in Euskadi translates into 30.000 jobs and contributes 3.500 billion to the Basque GDP each year

Jesus Carames

June 8, 2024 | 7:21 pm

i-DE, the Iberdrola group's distributor, has assured that it will guarantee the electricity supply during the election day of the European Parliament Elections on June 9 in the 10 autonomous communities and 25 provinces where it manages the distribution network.

On election night, i-DE will deploy resources to restore service and minimize the impact on customers. The company is aware of the importance of electrical infrastructure during the vote count, which is why it will carry out a series of actions to ensure that the elections run normally.

Action protocol coordinated with the Government subdelegations

i-DE has developed an action protocol that has been coordinated with the subdelegations of the Governments of each province. It will mobilize nearly 200 people and has identified and reviewed the different facilities that supply energy to the Government Subdelegations. This effort guarantees that any incident can be resolved quickly and efficiently.

In addition, Distribution Operation Centers (COD) that Iberdrola has to supervise, maintain and control the electricity distribution network in real time, have also been reinforced. These centers operate 24 hours a day and manage the network that supplies energy to more than 11 million people, through 270,000 kilometers of power lines, more than 1,000 substations and more than 97,000 transformation centers.

Improvements in the quality of service and digitalization of the network

Iberdrola highlights that i-DE closed 2023 with the best historical value in service quality. In recent years, it has undertaken an ambitious plan to digitalize its electrical networks, converting more than 11 million meters and the infrastructure that supports them into smart ones. This digitization has incorporated remote management, supervision and automation capabilities.

The digitalization of the electrical distribution network will allow more information to implement additional energy efficiency and sustainability measures, in a way that is committed to ambitious and urgent climate action. The deployment of the smart electrical grid makes it possible to respond to new models of network use and offer better service to citizens.

Thus, i-DE guarantees that during the European Parliament Elections, the electricity supply will be assured, allowing a normal development of the election day and the counting of votes. The company thus reinforces its commitment to society, ensuring continuity of service at crucial moments.


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