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Iberdrola in the Basque Country provides 30.000 jobs and adds €3.500M to the Basque GDP each year

Iberdrola in Euskadi translates into 30.000 jobs and contributes 3.500 billion to the Basque GDP each year

Jeickson Sulbaran

May 16, 2024 | 7:00 a.m.

In Euskadi, Iberdrola's presence translates into a robust economic pillar

En 2023, Iberdrola not only maintained its commitment with the economic development of Euskadi, but surpassed its own previous records, consolidating its role as one of the region's greatest economic drivers. With a contribution of 3.500 billion euros to the Basque GDP, the company stood out for its substantial influence, which represents 3,7% of the regional total. This contribution comes from various activities such as investments in infrastructure, purchases from local suppliers, salaries to its employees and significant tax contributions.

Iberdrola is an employment engine in the Basque Country, directly and indirectly supporting some 30.000 workers. This includes not only the company's 1.800 direct employees in the region, but also an extensive network of jobs generated through its relationships with more than 500 Basque suppliers. Featured companies in this ecosystem include Haizea Wind, Ingeteam, Ormazabal, Arteche, EDS Ingeniería y Montajes, Lizelan, Boslan, and Idom, who benefit from constant purchase orders and collaborative projects with Iberdrola.

Continuous investment in infrastructure is a central pillar of Iberdrola's strategy in Euskadi. Electrical grids, fundamental for the integration of renewable technologies and the electrification of various sectors, are a particular area of ​​focus. In October 2021, the company and the Provincial Council of Bizkaia inaugurated the Global Smart Grids Innovation Hub at the José Ignacio Berroeta Corporate Center. This center has become a world reference in the field of smart networks, with more than one hundred collaborating entities, including companies, academic institutions and universities.

Iberdrola in Euskadi translates into 30.000 jobs and contributes 3.500 billion to the Basque GDP each year

Tax contributions and support for local finances

Iberdrola's contribution to the Basque public treasury is also notable, with nearly 1.500 billion euros in contributions, of which 700 million represent a direct contribution. This flow of financial resources is vital for the maintenance of public services and the implementation of regional policies that benefit the entire community..

Beyond the numbers, Iberdrola's presence in Euskadi is a testament to the interconnection between large corporations and their ability to promote sustainable regional development. The company's investments in clean technologies and its commitment to innovation not only strengthen the local economy, but also support the region's transition towards a greener and technologically advanced economy.

Iberdrola is not only a significant economic actor in Euskadi due to its direct impact on GDP and employment, but also an essential collaborator in the industrial and technological fabric of the region. His focus on innovation and sustainability positions Euskadi at the forefront of energy and technological transformation, projecting the region not only as a center of economic activity, but as a model of sustainable development and business cooperation at a global level.

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