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Ignacio Galán leads the Iberdrola Shareholder's Day in Bilbao

Commemorative image of the Iberdrola Tower, located in Bilbao.

Jesus Carames

May 14, 2024 | 4:20 p.m.

The president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Galán, participated this morning in the Shareholders' Day held at Torre Iberdrola, in Bilbao. The event, which was attended by more than 700 attendees, has been an opportunity for the company's shareholders, many of them with a long history of involvement, to meet and receive updates directly from the company's leadership.

Commitment to value creation and social dividend

During the meeting, Galán thanked the shareholders for their continued support and involvement in Iberdrola's growth. He underlined the company's commitment to value creation, highlighting the increase in the dividend that will reach 0,55 euros per share, 10,8% more, in accordance with the proposal that will be presented next Friday at the General Meeting . This increase is part of a set of Iberdrola initiatives to promote employment and economic activity, protect the environment, promote innovation and promote social action.

Strategic investments and future plans

The president of Iberdrola took the opportunity to share with shareholders the 2024-2026 Strategic Plan, which contemplates investments for a total of 41.000 million euros. This plan, according to Galán, is designed to strengthen Iberdrola's position as a leader in the energy sector and to ensure long-term sustainable growth.

Promoting shareholder involvement

Shareholder Day is one of Iberdrola's many initiatives to encourage the active participation of its shareholders. Throughout the year, the company organizes various events and visits, and maintains an interactive channel, OLA – On Line Shareholders, which allows shareholders to ask questions and receive detailed answers 365 days a year. This channel functions as a “permanent meeting”, ensuring fluid and continuous communication between the company and its shareholders.

In addition, the Iberdrola Shareholder Club organizes events and provides various documentation to keep shareholders informed about the company's latest news and strategic decisions. In the context of the General Meeting, Iberdrola has implemented several options to attend, delegate or vote remotely, available on its corporate website, thus facilitating the participation of all shareholders.

A promising future for Iberdrola

The event in Bilbao has served not only to inform shareholders about Iberdrola's performance and future plans, but also to reaffirm the company's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Ignacio Galán highlighted the importance of the "social dividend", a series of actions and commitments aimed at generating a positive impact on society and the environment, enshrined in Iberdrola's Bylaws.

The Shareholder's Day has been a reflection of Iberdrola's continuous effort to maintain a close and transparent relationship with its shareholders, ensuring that they are well informed and committed to the future of the company. With an ambitious strategic plan and a solid commitment to sustainability and value creation, Iberdrola continues to move towards a future full of opportunities and growth.

This meeting in Bilbao underlines the importance of collaboration and continuous dialogue between Iberdrola and its shareholders, strengthening trust and mutual support on the path towards a more sustainable and prosperous energy future.

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