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Iñaki López confronts Esperanza Aguirre for her statements about the Franco coup d'état

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 15, 2024 | 7:33 p.m.

The well-known journalist Iñaki López has responded firmly to the controversial statements of Esperanza Aguirre, former president of the Community of Madrid, who recently implicated the PSOE as responsible for the 1936 coup d'état that triggered the Spanish Civil War. López has criticized what he considers an attempt at "historical revisionism" by Aguirre, calling it "recurrent and cheap."

Historical revisionism in political discourse

During an event with members of the New Generations of the Popular Party, Aguirre attributed the start of the Civil War to the PSOE, accusing the party of not accepting the results of the 1933 elections and of instigating a "coup d'état" in 1934, known as the October Revolution or the Asturian Revolution. According to Aguirre, this was the true catalyst for the war that would follow.

The historical data controversy

Iñaki López has refuted these claims through his platform on Furthermore, he stressed that the characterization of the events of 1934 as a coup d'état is a misleading and erroneous simplification of the historical context. López argues that the 1934 revolution was, in reality, a general strike and not an attempted coup d'état as Aguirre claims.

The historical reality of the vote and the consequences

Contrary to Aguirre's statements, López points out that the right did not "sweep" the polls as she suggests; he obtained 40.7% of the votes, which is not an overwhelming majority. Furthermore, he emphasizes that the Asturian Revolution was a response to extremely tense political and social situations and not a premeditated coup d'état to overthrow the government.

The danger of false narrative

The journalist warns about the danger of distorting history for current political purposes, especially when these stories are used to influence public perception of complex and multifaceted historical events. López's intervention seeks not only to correct the historical record, but also to promote a more informed and less polarized discussion about Spanish history.

In defense of history

Iñaki López has been applauded by many for his defense of historical integrity and his efforts to combat misinformation. His comments highlight the importance of historical accuracy and the responsibility of political leaders not to review the past lightly.

In his critique, López not only challenges Aguirre's statements, but also invites deeper reflection on how historical events are remembered and taught in Spain, a country still coming to terms with the shadows of its past.

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