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Incident in Metro Bilbao: Breakdown causes smoke and delays at rush hour

Jesus Carames

June 7, 2024 | 10:37 a.m.

Activation of emergency ventilators and recovery expectations

Early in the morning, Bilbao metro users were surprised by an incident in one of its main stations. A breakdown in a suburban unit has caused significant smoke in San Mamés and other platforms in the center of the capital of Biscay during rush hour.

Response from Metro Bilbao

Metro Bilbao sources report that, due to the situation, the emergency fans have been activated to clear the smoke from the station as soon as possible. The affected unit has been removed to allow service recovery. The strong smell of burning was noticeable from several points in the network.

Delays and disruptions to the lines

The breakdown has caused delays in train frequencies, with waiting times that in some cases exceed 15 minutes. The delays have affected the lines that connect San Ignacio with Kabiezes and Plentzia. However, the metro is expected to return to normal soon.

Expectations and safety measures

Metro Bilbao's rapid response, activating the emergency fans and removing the affected unit, seeks to minimize inconvenience to users and promptly restore service. Passengers are advised to stay informed through official metro channels and consider possible additional delays while the situation normalizes..

A controlled incident with prompt response

The incident in the Bilbao metro underlines the importance of having effective emergency protocols to guarantee safety and minimize inconvenience for users. Activation of emergency ventilators and rapid removal of the damaged unit have been crucial in addressing the situation.

Although delays have caused inconveniences during rush hour, the expectation is that the service will be completely restored shortly, returning public transport in Bilbao to normality..


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