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They investigate the explosion at a Bilbao bank ATM

Jesus Carames

June 10, 2023 | 3:46 pm

The stillness of the night was interrupted by a crash in Bilbao. In the heart of the La Peña neighborhood, the ATM of a branch on Zamakola street was the scene of an explosion. The person responsible, an unknown individual who, allegedly, intended to steal the money from the ATM using a camping gas cylinder.

The facts as they happened

Friday morning seemed calm, until at 2:20 a.m., the explosión surprised neighbors and authorities. An ATM was the epicenter of the outbreak. The Ertzaintza is now looking for the individual who allegedly caused the detonation with the apparent intention of accessing the cash inside the ATM.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the suspect manipulated a cable and a camping gas bottle. In an attempt to steal, it is believed that he inserted the gas nozzle into the slot where the bills are dispensed. However, the explosion did not achieve its objective and instead caused damage to the structure of the ATM and the surroundings.

The Ertzaintza in action: Unraveling the enigma

The Basque Department of Security has confirmed that an police investigation in connection with this event. The Ertzaintza, aware of the seriousness of the incident, has allocated resources to find the whereabouts of the suspect and to unravel the exact circumstances surrounding the explosion.

The used canister, belonging to a camping gas kit, adds a unique dimension to the case. Typically used for outdoor leisure activities, this incident highlights the danger they pose when used for nefarious purposes. This fact illustrates the importance of regulating and controlling this type of utensils that, in the wrong hands, can become a threat to public safety.

A call to the community

The Ertzaintza asks the community for any information that can help identify the person responsible. This incident, although without casualties, highlights the need to remain vigilant in our communities and to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

The ATM incident in the La Peña neighborhood will hopefully be just an isolated incident, but it serves as a reminder of the constant need for caution and vigilance to keep our streets safe. With the Ertzaintza leading the investigation, we can be confident that they will get to the bottom of this enigma and do everything possible to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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