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Grupo Luze will convert the Olabarri Palace into an exclusive five-star hotel in Bilbao

Grupo Luze will convert the Olabarri Palace into an exclusive five-star hotel in Bilbao

Maria Jose Gonzalez

January 5, 2024 | 5:33 p.m.

El Luze Group, a renowned Navarrese hotel and restaurant chain, has taken a decisive step in its expansion with the acquisition of the emblematic Olabarri Palace en Bilbao. This building, an architectural jewel of the 19th century, will become a five-star hotel, marking a milestone in the city's hotel sector. The purchase, made from the Port Authority of Bilbao for 10,5 million euros, symbolizes not only a significant investment, but also the commitment of Luze Group with the tourist and cultural development of Bilbao.

The transformation of the Olabarri Palace: A major project

El Olabarri Palace, located in one of the most prestigious areas of Bilbao, represents a challenge both in terms of restoration and adaptation to the needs of a modern and luxury hotel. With an area of ​​approximately 4.200 m2, the property requires careful intervention that respects its level of heritage and architectural protection. The design, influenced by French and English styles and designed by Julián de Zubizarreta for José María de Olabarri, a prominent businessman of the time, will be the canvas on which Grupo Luze will capture its vision of high-end accommodation.

The work team, still in training, will have the task of converting this historic building into a hotel that not only offers luxury and comfort, but also becomes a symbol of the cultural heritage of Bilbao. By Jesús Berisa, president of Grupo Luze, the project is still in its preliminary phase, but there are high expectations for this challenge.

Luze Group announces that it will open a luxurious five-star hotel

Luze Group: Expansion and diversification

El Luze Group is no stranger to ambitious projects. Its presence is already felt in Madrid with the Luze Castellana, previously known as the Senator Castellana hotel, and in San Sebastián with the acquisition of the Nicol's Hotel. The opening of the hotel in the Olabarri Palace in 2025 will add a new chapter to the company's success story.

In addition to its foray into the hotel sector, Luze Group has a diversified portfolio that includes restaurants such as VerduArte in Pamplona and various leisure spaces in Navarra. Its ability to manage everything from a nature and leisure park to a multipurpose venue like the Navarra Arena demonstrates the company's versatility and commitment to entertainment and hospitality.

The exit of the Bilbao Port Authority of the Olabarri Palace March marks the beginning of a new era for this building. He Luze Group faces the challenge of transforming a space with deep historical significance into a luxury destination for travelers from all over the world. This project will not only strengthen Bilbao's tourism offer, but will also serve as an example of how to preserve and revalue architectural heritage.

El Luze Group project in the Olabarri Palace It is much more than the opening of a new hotel, represents a commitment to the history, culture and tourism of Bilbao. It will be interesting to follow in the footsteps of this ambitious project that, without a doubt, will leave an indelible mark on the hotel and cultural panorama of the city.

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