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More than a thousand ertzainas demand a dignified agreement with thunderous protest

More than a thousand ertzainas demand a dignified agreement with thunderous protest

Jeickson Sulbaran

March 19, 2024 | 9:03 p.m.

Ertzainas demonstrate in Bilbao for a fair agreement, demonstrating their commitment to fight before and after the elections

in a clamor for labor justice that echoes in the streets of Bilbao, more than a thousand ertzainas, accompanied by the strident sound of horns, have marked a milestone in their firm determination to negotiate a dignified agreement. This demonstration, called by 'Ertzainas in struggle' and the Euspel union, not only highlights the unity and strength of the collective but also underscores a protracted 12-year struggle for a fair deal. The demonstration, which started from the EiTB headquarters and snaked along Avenida Sabino Arana to the Albia Gardens, is not only a demonstration of discontent, but a clear invitation to dialogue and action on the part of the Basque Government.

The slogans launched from the vanguard of the demonstration, “Without negotiation, there is no solution,” resounded as a call for understanding and commitment on the part of all parties involved.. Euspel spokesperson, Joseba Saralegi, not only shared the group's disappointment in the lack of progress in the negotiations but also reaffirmed the determination to continue mobilizing for their labor rights, before and after the elections. This position highlights an important message: the struggle of the ertzainas transcends the electoral cycle and focuses on achieving substantive improvements in their working conditions.

More than a thousand ertzainas demand a dignified agreement with thunderous protest

The answer or, rather, The lack of it on the part of the Security Department in the face of incidents that have put the integrity of the ertzainas at risk during mass events is a matter of concern.. Unsuccessful communication with the department exacerbates discontent and highlights the need for a constructive dialogue that addresses the agents' demands. The openness shown by Saralegi towards the council led by Josu Erkoreka reflects a willingness to negotiate that seeks to overcome current obstacles to reach an agreement beneficial to all parties.

Ertzainas and her tireless search for labor justice: an echo that does not cease

This crucial moment in the fight of the ertzainas for a dignified agreement is more than a simple labor demand; It is a reflection of the aspiration for justice, respect and recognition of their work. The roadmap outlined by the collective, marked by strategic mobilizations, is a testament to its commitment and resilience. In this context, Basque society and, in particular, the citizens of Bizkaia, are witnesses of a struggle that, beyond the specific demands, speaks of the search for consensus and a more fair and dignified work future for those who They ensure everyone's safety.

The mobilization of the thousand ertzainas and their call for negotiation transcends the immediacy of their demands to become a symbol of resistance and hope. As they advance through the streets of Bilbao, they not only carry with them the flag of their struggle, but they also embody the voice of many who, silently, aspire to a more just and equitable future of work. The determination of these agents, their continuous mobilization strategy and their openness to dialogue are lessons of courage and commitment for all. At the heart of this fight, there is a clear message: labor justice is a fundamental right, not a privilege.

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