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Osakidetza manages to drastically reduce the wait for mammograms in Bilbao

Maria Jose Gonzalez

April 25, 2023 | 10:30 a.m.

Eleven to six months late in testing

The Basque health system, osakidetza, has managed to significantly reduce the waiting time for mammograms in Bilbao. The delay accumulated during the pandemic has been reduced by almost half, going from eleven to six months.

Measures taken to reduce delay

To achieve this advance in health care, Osakidetza has taken various measures, such as refer patients to other health areas y reinforce shifts in care centers. These actions have made it possible to speed up appointments and guarantee an earlier diagnosis for women who require this test.

Referral to other health areas

The strategy of referring patients to other care centers has been key to decongesting demand in Bilbao. The women affected by the delays have been able to access the tests in other health areas with shorter waiting times, which has facilitated the reduction of the delay.

Reinforcement of shifts and attention

Osakidetza has also opted for increase the number of turns available for performing mammograms in Bilbao. In addition, the health personnel in charge of carrying out the tests has been reinforced, guaranteeing efficient and quality care for patients.

Positive impact on early detection of breast cancer

The reduction in waiting time for mammograms is encouraging news in the fight against breast cancer. Early detection is crucial to improve treatment success rates and increase the chances of survival for women affected by this disease.

Importance of prevention and periodic reviews

Maintaining adequate control and periodic reviews is essential to prevent and detect any anomaly in the breasts in time. Mammography is one of the most important tests in the detection of breast cancer, and timely access to these tests is essential to ensure the well-being of women.

Continue to improve healthcare

Although the progress in reducing waiting times is significant, Osakidetza continues to work to further improve health care in Bizkaia. The goal is to continue reducing delays and guarantee quick and efficient access to diagnostic tests, thus improving the quality of life of women in Bilbao and the Basque Country.

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