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Spring tides cause flooding in low areas of Bilbao and Erandio

Spring tides cause flooding in low areas of Bilbao and Erandio

Jeickson Sulbaran

February 12, 2024 | 11:47 a.m.

La nature has once again demonstrated its imposing force on the Basque Coast, particularly in Bilbao and Erandio, where spring tides have caused flooding in low-lying areas. These phenomena, although predictable, always take us a little by surprise and remind us of the importance of being prepared for their possible consequences. The community, accustomed to dealing with the force of the sea, has responded with preventive measures and emergency actions.

Since early morning, when the tides reached their peak, we have witnessed how the water exceeded the usual limits, flooding streets and causing inconveniences in the daily lives of citizens. In ErandioFor example, the streets became small rivers, forcing neighbors to come together to mitigate the effects of the flood. This demonstrates the solidarity and community spirit that characterizes our people.

Community responses to flooding

Faced with these challenges, the community's response has been admirable. In Erandio, residents and volunteers worked together, opening manholes to drain the accumulated water. This community action is a clear example of how solidarity and teamwork are essential in times of crisis. Local authorities and emergency services have also risen to the occasion, providing assistance and practical advice to ensure everyone's safety.

En Bilbao, the situation has not been different. The areas of Olabeaga and Zorrozaurre, known for their proximity to the river, have been especially affected. The image of flooded doorways and streets turned into canals is shocking, but it is also a reminder of our resilience and ability to adapt.

Impact on mobility and preventive measures

Floods in Bilbao and Erandio due to spring tides

All the Floods not only affect homes, but also have a significant impact on mobility. Roads such as BI-711 have required special attention due to the accumulation of water, which has forced drivers to take extreme caution. Public transport has also been affected, as has been the case in Hondarribia, where some bus stops have been temporarily suspended.

All the authorities have issued precautionary notices, not only because of the floods, but also because of the strong winds expected in the next few hours. These warnings are not to alarm, but to prepare the population and avoid risk situations. It is crucial that we all follow the recommendations of the authorities and stay attentive to updates.

All the spring tides have once again tested our ability to respond to natural phenomena. Although the damage has been limited, these situations remind us of the importance of prevention and community cooperation. In Bilbao and Erandio, as well as in other affected areas, the community has once again demonstrated its strength and solidarity, facing together the challenges that nature presents us.

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