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Bilbao's "firefighter robot": Innovation for safety in high-risk situations

Jesus Carames

June 12, 2024 | 7:36 a.m.

A strategic acquisition for the Bilbao Fire Department

El Bilbao Fire Department has incorporated an innovative remote-controlled “firefighter robot” into its team. This device is specifically designed to operate in confined spaces, difficult to access or in especially dangerous circumstances, thus improving the safety of professionals during higher risk operations.

Features and operation of the firefighter robot

The new firefighter robot, which does not exceed one meter in height or width, can be controlled from a distance of up to 200 meters. Equipped with multiple advanced tools, the device includes:

  • Sprinklers to cool the device in high temperatures.
  • perimeter lighting to improve visibility in low light situations.
  • Thermal camera which allows detecting heat sources and people in low visibility environments.
  • water cannon able to throw 1.100 liters per minute, facilitating efficient fire control.

The cost of the new member of the staff is 15.270€, according to sources from the Bilbao City Council. This investment is part of a broader plan to improve the operational capacity and safety of the fire department.

Other tools purchased

In addition to the firefighter robot, the fire department has acquired two other key tools that will ensure greater success in its operations:

  • car ladder: This specialized vehicle can reach heights greater than 42 meters, facilitating rescue and extinguishing fires in tall buildings.
  • Logistics support container: Designed for operations with nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical (CBRN) risks, this container includes a anti-pollution shower and other equipment essential for safety and effectiveness in high-risk situations.

The logistics support container is especially useful in fires inside garages or other areas where contamination risks are high. Equipped with advanced technology, it provides firefighters with the tools necessary to handle complex and dangerous situations.

Improving safety and effectiveness

These new acquisitions reflect the commitment of the Bilbao Fire Department to the continuous improvement of safety and effectiveness in its operations. The incorporation of advanced technology, such as the firefighter robot, not only increases the team's response capacity, but also protects professionals by reducing their direct exposure to dangerous situations.

With these tools, Bilbao firefighters are better equipped to face everyday challenges, guaranteeing a quick and effective response to emergencies and protecting the lives and property of citizens. The investment in advanced technology and equipment is an example of Bilbao City Council's proactive approach towards the safety and well-being of its community.

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