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The PP of Cantabria accelerates with the fast train to Bilbao

The PP in Cantabria demands that the central government reactivate the stalled Santander-Bilbao fast train project, highlighting its regional importance.

Jeickson Sulbaran

November 24, 2023 | 8:00 pm

The People's Party (PP) of Cantabria has expressed its concern and discontent regarding the paralysis in the procedures of the project of the Santander-Bilbao fast train. This initiative, considered crucial for improving connectivity and regional economic development, has remained in apparent stagnation, which has motivated the PP to register a proposal in the Parliament of Cantabria. The objective is to urge the central government to resume the project and move towards its realization.

Concern about the stoppage of the project

The senator and regional deputy Íñigo Fernández, of the PP, has expressed his disappointment at what he considers a "Unfulfilled promise" of the Government of Pedro Sánchez with Cantabria. According to Fernández, 20 months have passed since the presentation of the feasibility study and alternatives for this new line, with an estimated cost of 1.800 billion euros, without significant progress having been made. "We have not heard anything from that promise, from those drawings, from those illusions," said Fernández, reflecting the frustration and expectation of the community.

The fast train: A priority in the political debate

The PP's concern centers on the fact that the fast train project It is not only essential to improve the connection between Santander and Bilbao, but also to promote the economic and social development of the region. The Popular Party questions President Sánchez's priorities, alleging that they focus more on meeting the demands of separatist groups than on addressing vital projects such as the fast train. This position highlights the importance of the train not only as an infrastructure project, but also as a central element in political debate and regional strategic planning.

Future implications and the action of the PP

Faced with this situation, the Popular Party of Cantabria seeks to accelerate the efforts so that the project of the Santander-Bilbao fast train be resumed and realized. This action represents an effort to keep an issue of great relevance for the community on the political agenda and to ensure that the commitments previously established by the Government are met. The resolution of this problem will be crucial for the economic future and mobility in the region.

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