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The University of Deusto, leader in performance and academic excellence according to the CYD ranking

Jesus Carames

May 16, 2024 | 3:09 p.m.

The University of Deusto has positioned itself as the sixth best university in the State and the first in the Basque Autonomous Community (CAV) in high performance indicators, according to the Ranking of the Knowledge and Development Foundation (CYD). This recognition highlights the quality and impact of Deusto in various key areas of higher education.

Evaluation of university performance in multiple dimensions

The CYD ranking analyzes the performance of 81 universities, 30 areas of knowledge and 3.407 degrees through 36 indicators divided into five fundamental areas: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, internationalization, contribution to regional development and job placement.

In the 2024 edition, the University of Deusto has obtained 23 high performance indicators, a notable increase compared to the 11 obtained in the first edition of the ranking in 2014. This advancement underlines Deusto's continuous improvement and commitment to academic excellence and social impact.

Outstanding in teaching, internationalization and regional development

In the field of teaching, Deusto has been recognized for its high graduation rates, success and student achievement. These achievements reflect the quality of the academic programs and the institution's commitment to the comprehensive training of its students.

In terms of internationalization, the CYD ranking has highlighted Deusto's notable performance in offering degrees in foreign languages, both at the Bachelor's and Master's levels. In addition, the attraction and mobility of international students has been highlighted, as well as the completion of international doctoral theses. These factors not only enhance diversity and cultural enrichment on campus, but also strengthen global opportunities for students.

In the dimension of Regional Development, Deusto has been rated very favorably for the internships offered in companies and scientific publications in this context. The connection with the business community and the production of knowledge relevant to the region are aspects that underline the positive impact of the university on its environment.

Leadership in research and knowledge transfer

Deusto has also stood out in indicators related to research and knowledge transfer. The acquisition of external research funds, the normalized impact of post-doctoral publications, and income from licenses and spin-offs are areas in which the university has shown exceptional performance. These achievements demonstrate Deusto's ability to generate innovative and applicable knowledge, as well as to collaborate effectively with the business sector.

Excellence in Social Work and recognition in research quality

The University of Deusto is the second best university in the field of Social Work, out of a total of 28 universities analyzed. In this specific field, Deusto has been recognized for its teaching excellence, international focus and, especially, for its research quality, where it stands out as the first in Spain.

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