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The best cod pintxos in Bilbao: a culinary delight

The best cod pintxos in Bilbao, a culinary delight

Jeickson Sulbaran

April 25, 2024 | 2:12 p.m.

We discover the secrets of success in the VIII Cod Pintxos Contest of the Old Town of Bilbao

The gastronomic heart of Bilbao, the Old Town, has once again been the scene of an event that highlights the culinary wealth of the city: the VIII Cod Pintxos Competition. This year, the bars La Palma, Lurrina and Fermín have stood out among 17 competitors, taking the main honors and demonstrating that innovation can coexist perfectly with tradition.

At 3 Correo Street is the La Palma bar, which this year has won first place with a pintxo that reinvents the classic pilpil cod. The recipe incorporates cod flakes on a base of roasted vegetables and olive focaccia bread., demonstrating that attention to detail and respect for traditional flavors are essential to capture the palates of Bilbao residents and visitors.

The best cod pintxos in Bilbao: a culinary delight

The second prize went to Lurrina, located at Barrenkale Barrena 16, which presented a tempura cod pintxo accompanied by trotters in Biscayan sauce. This dish, both simple and complex, stands out for its deep and authentic flavor, a tribute to the recipes of yesteryear that continue to thrill today.

Finally, the public award went to the Fermín bar, at Iturribide 6, uA place that has known how to specialize in cod dishes and that this year impressed with a skewer of cod loins in oil, accompanied by a flag of red pepper. This pintxo was not only visually satisfying, but was also a visitor favorite for its excellent balance of flavors.

An event that celebrates quality and community

This contest is not only a competition, but a celebration of the local community and the values ​​that make Casco Viejo a meeting point for both locals and tourists. The Association of Shops, Hotels and Companies of the Old Town, Zazpikaleak, has been fundamental in the organization of this event, which each year attracts more participants and visitors, consolidating Bilbao as a top-level gastronomic destination.

The contest jury, made up of renowned chefs and food critics, emphasized the importance of cod being the protagonist of each pintxo. This premise ensures that each creation is not only judged by its presentation and originality, but mainly for its flavor and the quality of the ingredients.

More than 2.000 people participated in the voting for the public award, rreflecting the growing interest in local gastronomy and citizen participation at cultural events that highlight the best of Basque cuisine.

A culinary legacy that transcends generations

The history of the contest and its evolution over the years is a palpable example of how culinary tradition can adapt and innovate without losing its essence. The participating bars, some recently opened and others with decades of history, are testament to the vitality and resilience of Bilbao's gastronomic culture.

This event not only promotes culinary excellence, but also strengthens community ties, boosting tourism and local commerce. The positive response from the public and specialized critics ensure that the Cod Pintxos Contest It will continue to be a prominent event in Bilbao's cultural calendar, eagerly awaited by both chefs and fans of good food.

Thus, the VIII Cod Pintxos Contest of the Casco Viejo has not only been a showcase of talent and creativity, but also an affirmation that in Bilbao, The art of cooking is much more than preparing food; It is a way of communicating, of sharing and celebrating life.

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